15 pieces, 5 weeks of outfits

This post is dedicated to my friend, Ashley who will be embarking on a new career path in the pharmacy industry.

  It’s taken me years to develop my professional style, and I spent a lot of money on clothes I didn’t actually need/wear.  I decided to do a blog post for anyone who may be about to start a new job and has to build their work appropriate wardrobe from scratch.  Trying to decide what you need versus what you want is tricky, especially on a budget (let’s be real: not everyone can afford to drop hundreds of dollars on clothing!).  This post will show you 15 key pieces of clothing you probably already have in your closet  (and if you don’t already own them they are likely reasonably priced at stores like Walmart or thrift stores) and how to combine them into more than 25 outfits for work.  There are many more combos and I’m sure you’ll think of some I missed with mine.  First I will show you some key pieces of clothing I believe every working woman should have in her closet.  Then I will show you 5 weeks of outfits using those items.  If you want a larger view of the photos, simply click on them.

Blouses: neutral colours with tonal pattern and some with bright colours

Cardigans, Sweaters and Pants: Everyone should have a black cardigan!  The rest should be coloured and coordinate with your blouses.  I chose to show grey pants because black ones can be kind of boring.

Dresses and Skirts: A neutral sleeveless dress (I chose grey) and a red one because every woman should have a red dress!  Skirts in black and brown are good options because they are a neutral starting point.

Accessories: Black and brown shoes, silver and gold earrings, different colours of belts, necklaces.  Each of these items will add a little something special to your outfits.

Are you ready for the outfits?!

Week 1 (based on a 5 day work week)

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5


I have to say, I’m kind of impressed with myself:)  Creating this many outfits with a limited number of pieces of clothing was tricky!!

EDIT: I’ve gone back and inserted individual outfit photos for easier viewing and Pinning.

Now that you have seen what key items I started with and what I created, you may be thinking “That’s great, but I don’t have wide legged, high waist grey dress pants…or a red printed peplum top.  How can I recreate these looks?”.  To that I answer: these outfits are really just guidelines to show you that it is possible to dress well with only a handful of clothes.  You’ll notice that every outfit has colour, pattern or texture and that is what makes it interesting.

I’ve shown 27 outfit combinations but there are so many more! For example, I could wear my blue sweater over the grey dress and add the black belt.  I could also wear the pink and white blouse tucked into the black skirt (one outfit) and add the black cardigan and pearls to create another outfit.

Did you find this post helpful at all?  Would you be interested in seeing a similar one about casual clothing?  Please let me know in the comments.

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