2013 in review: personal edition

2013 was definitely a busy year!  Here is a look back at some of the events that stood out for me (in no order).

  1. David got me a kitten
  2. We went away on a weekend retreat for David’s birthday, had to hike through snowy woods to get to our cabin and went for long walks in very deep snow
  3. I painted the dining room, master bedroom and basement
  4. We planted a vegetable garden right in the middle of our front yard.  David also planted trees for his orchard in the making
  5. David finally bought the truck he has been wanting for some time.  I had to sell my car and start driving his old one…oh, the sacrifices I make! But the next new car we buy will be for me, so it’s all good!
  6. We sold our pool and hot tub (which is a big deal for us because we didn’t want either but the people we bought the house from refused to take them)
  7. Water leaked into our basement via shoddy siding…we took off the offending boards, dried out the insulation as much as possible, applied more spray insulation and coated the whole section in water proofing seal.  ugh.
  8. The pump in our basement responsible for transferring grey water to the septic failed and caused our basement severe water damage (I’m talking soaked carpets, saturated drywall and a compromised bar).  Thankfully insurance covered it all, but it took about 3 months for such a small job.
  9. I decided to go back to school, realized the program wasn’t for me and ended up taking classes online.
  10. We hosted Easter dinner for both our families.
  11. We saw a City and Colour in concert!
  12. I went from a bob hair style to a pixie cut (and I probably won’t ever go back!!)


About Christina

20-something; rural dwelling; wife to David; homeowner; pretty good cook; wearer of skirts; friend to all cats.

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