2015 Fall house tour (part 1)

I enjoy decorating my home for the seasons and sometimes turn to Pinterest for inspiration.  But I have to say that the majority of the fall house tours I come across on other blogs just look a little too overdone for my tastes. I mean, they are gorgeous but nobody lives like that in real life!  I want our home to look seasonally festive, but also practical, and I’m sure some of you agree with me.  Today I’m giving you a virtual tour of our wood home subtly decorated for fall. Enjoy:)

fall house tour

Let’s start outside, shall we?

fall house tour (36)

Our front porch is tiny, which means not a lot of space to decorate.  I kept it simple with some pumpkins, an old painted chair and a seasonal planter.

fall house tour

The door mat looks a little rough, but I can’t bear to get rid of it!

fall house tour fall house tour

David found me some big pinecones at a job site last year, so I coated them in cinnamon and hung them on the door.

fall house tour fall house tour

We like setting up bird feeders in the front yard.  It’s important to note that the birds have come to rely on us for food during the colder months so we need to feed them up until spring.

fall house tour (32)

This bench is intended for the patio but we have not finished it yet, so it sits against the retaining wall in the driveway.  I added a planter to make it more colourful.

fall house tour

As you can see, I did not include stalks of dried corn, hay bales, plaid blankets or buckets of apples…While all of those things are nice, they aren’t practical especially for a rural home where rodents live nearby. The last thing I want is for a mouse to make it’s home right near the front door!

Let’s move on to the living room now.  Again, the decor is suuuuper simple, but a lot of our year round pieces work for fall.

What is fall without boots?!  David is a recent Blundstones convert and I wear them from fall through to spring.

fall house tour (2)

This picture shows what I meant about our pieces working for fall.  When I think of the season, rich colours and natural wood comes to mind.  As you can see, we have a red dresser, orange ottoman and lots of wood! The only thing I did here to decorate for fall was tucking a checkered blanket onto one of the chairs (to protect it from cat hair).  Those of you who follow Our Wood Home on Facebook may recognize the camera shelf David made me for my birthday :)

fall house tour (4)

Same old couch and pillows, but with a dark, knit blanket over the back. Those colourful pillows were on display with the couch when we bought it but I told the sales lady I didn’t like them, so not to bother including them.  Somewhere along the line, that was omitted and when the couch was delivered, the pillows came too (we went on our honeymoon and my in laws signed for our delivery).  They have grown on me though!

fall house tour (5)

fall house tour (8)

I made more cinnamon scented pinecones for the coffee table.

fall house tour (6)

I’m not usually a fan of seasonal art, but this printable was too cute to pass on.  Plus, we had just bought a printer and I wanted to test out the colour cartridges!  I used a frame I got for free online to hang it right by the front door.

fall house tour

That concludes part 1 of my house tour.  Next I’ll share some pictures of the dining room and kitchen.  As you can see, decorating for fall can be understated but still pretty.  I didn’t buy a single thing for decor, and instead used items I already had or could obtain for free.  The only exception is the pumpkins and flowers, but I bought them for a photo shoot and just resued them at home.

Not convinced you can decorate for fall on a small (or zero!) budget?  Here are some ideas to change your mind:

  • transfer flowers from your garden to a planter for your porch
  • gather pinecones from nature to display in decorative bowls on tables
  • collect sticks and arrange them in a vase for a pretty table top center piece (see here for inspiration)
  • if you have nice blankets or afghans, drape them over the back of the couch, or stack them in a nice pile in the living room (you can often find knit/crocheted afghans at church yard sales or the thrift store.  Ours were all made by David’s grandma).
  • if you are able to, purchase decorative gourds or apples from the dollar store and arrange them in a vase or nice bowl

Check back soon for more tour pictures!  And let me know if you decorate for fall:)

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2 comments on “2015 Fall house tour (part 1)

  1. Wow, you have some cute stuff! I really like the pumpkins sitting outside! We don’t normally really have a whole lot of stuff for decorating in the fall. We have some things we put in our kitchen, but that’s really about it! That pinterest printable is super cute! Sadly, we don’t have a colour printer so it’s not something we would be able to do though. But it’s still cute! :)
    Have a great day!
    ~Katie@ sparklyambitions.blogspot.com

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