2015 Fall House Tour (part 2)

Hello again!  This week I’m inviting you to take a virtual tour of my home and see how I decorated it for fall without going overboard.  Earlier I showed you the front porch and living room and today you can see the kitchen and dining room.   I enjoy decorating for the seasons, but I don’t like too much stuff.  Keeping the decor minimal, but still festive is the key for me!fall house tour

Here is our lovely dining room table, free from a table cloth.  We always use either a cloth or layered place mats to protect the wood.  Like I mentioned in the last tour post, our home already has a lot of things I’d consider “fall” like.  For example, our walls are a rich brown and we have lots of natural wood. I like to make it even more fall like by adding some festive napkins or a plaid table cloth.

fall house tour (22)

Topped with seasonal flowers, our table now looks ready for a feast!  The napkins and place mats were wedding gifts and the table cloth I purchased.  My tip for spending less on linens is to look at the dollar store or places like Walmart because you can often find good quality items for a fair price.  I also suggest waiting until the middle or end of the season to purchase linens because they will likely be on sale since the stores are hoping to move the stock for the new season.  Another place to look is a thrift store, since they often have linens for very cheap.

fall house tour

David and I went for a walk up our street and I collected asters to bring a little extra colour to the room.  I’ve found that grocery stores sell seasonal flowers at a reasonable price but farm stands are even cheaper.

fall house tour fall house tour (26) fall house tour

I made this chain of dried citrus fruit and cinnamon sticks to hang in the window for visual interest but also as a natural air freshener.

fall house tour (24)

On to the kitchen!  I spend a lot of time here so I didn’t want to have a lot of things cluttering up the counter.  Really the only decorative thing here is the mason jar with fake flowers on the counter.

fall house tour (12)

fall house tour (18)

fall house tour (17)

I made little paper pumpkins using the wrapping from potted plants and they were too cute not to display!

fall house tour (16)

My cinnamon acorn chain still hangs above the sink.fall house tour (19)

David’s parents have us a huge bunch of fresh herbs so this is how we hang them to dry.

fall house tour (20)

I bought these fake flowers for $1 last year and stuck them in a vintage jar from David’s grandma.  Next to them is a wooden bowl of squash.  I always store my squash at room temp and I wanted to contain them to one area, hence the bowl.

fall house tour (13) fall house tour (14)

I know people think compost isn’t very exciting but it is!  We compost almost everything year round so having a nice kitchen bin is a top priority.  We toss in everything from cat hair to coffee grounds and take it outside every few days.  Currently we have 2 outdoor compost bins on the go and will be adding 2 more that David got for free!

fall house tour (15)

As you can see, we didn’t really decorate these rooms, but what decor we did use was understated.  If you are looking to add a bit of fall flair to your kitchen and dining room, here are some tips to do it for little money:

  • look at the dollar store for decorative plates or bowls to use as display (make sure they are food safe if you plan to eat off them)
  • buy linens at the dollar store, thrift store or big box store to save money.  I’ve found really nice plastic table cloths and tea towels at the dollar store that don’t look cheap!
  • consider decorating with seasonal food such as apples or squash, arranged in nice bowls.  Tip: apples will last longer in the fridge but keeping them on the counter for a few days is fine.
  • hang cinnamon sticks from the dining room chandelier or backs of wooden chairs for a subtle air freshener.  If you don’t have anywhere to hang them consider displaying them in jars or cute bowls
  • if you have children (or nieces/nephews!) ask them to make a fall themed picture for you and hang it on the fridge. This will add a splash of colour without being too overwhelming.

Those of you that have seen my previous kitchen tour may notice some changes…like a new fridge and stove!  My stove was not very good so my in laws bought me a new one for my birthday last year :)  I would have preferred another white one, but this black and stainless model was considerably cheaper!  A few months later the freezer side of our French door style fridge stopped working, and instead of trying to repair it, we decided to just buy a new one since it wasn’t very space efficient.  Our new fridge features a freezer drawer which I LOVE!

My favourite way to decorate the kitchen and dining room for fall is with linens. It’s easy and inexpensive to switch out the table cloth, napkins and towels, plus it subtly welcomes the season.

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