About 3 years ago I had laser eye surgery so I wouldn’t have to wear glasses anymore.  It was pretty pricey, but well worth it!!  My surgery took place in Toronto, which is a few hours from where I live, so I opted to have my yearly eye exams done by my regular optometrist in my  hometown  (so I didn’t have to drive back to the city again).  Since my optometrist is a partner with the laser surgery center I was able to get a discount on the surgery, providing I come to her for yearly eye exams (this also means that I qualify for free touch up surgery if need be).

17 year old me, and the start of my love/hate relationship with glasses.

Before my post op visit I get a little nervous my vision will have gotten worse and I DEFINITELY don’t want to go through another procedure/healing time.  But the eye doctor is my favourite doctor…probably because I always wanted glasses as a kid and she finally gave them to me when I was 12.  And the tests she performs aren’t invasive or anything, which I like.

I’m happy to say my vision is still PERFECT, 20/20!  Not to braaaaag, but I’m just really glad the surgery has worked so well.  My eye doctor is always impressed with my healing and vision so she uses me as an example to promote the procedure to patients.

on my wedding day…and free from glasses!

I’ve been told I may need reading glasses when I’m middle aged but I’ll get at least 20 years of perfect, unassisted vision so I can’t complain!   And I’m actually saving a ton of money in the long run…I was spending a minimum of $200 each year on glasses (not including eye exams or contacts).  Let’s do the math!

Cost of glasses per year:                  $200
Number of years I’d wear glasses:       70 (I got my first pair at age 12 and I’m assuming I’ll live to be in my 80s)
Amount spent over lifetime:             $140,000

Wow…that’s a lot !  Keep in mind each eye exam costs about $100 and my glasses cost per year is assuming I buy very inexpensive frames.  I’d also have to buy contacts lenses every few months too.  The total cost of my eye surgery was about $5000, with a yearly exam cost of $100. Well worth it!

Would you ever consider laser eye surgery?

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