30 days of loving your home

I have a confession: as much as I go on about how great my house is, there are times where I get so frustrated with it, that I wish we lived elsewhere.  Yep, it’s true.  A few days ago I wrote a post on A Pinch of Faith about not loving your home, and some ways to remedy that. I wrote from the heart, friends and have personally used all the methods listed.  Sure, there are times I find faults with the house and wonder why on earth I was so eager to live here.  But in reality, I’m so very blessed.  My home has its flaws, like very other house in the world, but it is a good home, and I’d do well to remember that.

I began thinking maybe there are other women who have a hard time loving, or even liking, their home. An idea began to grow, so I shared it with my Facebook friend, Jewel who runs the group My Peaceful Sanctuary for Christian Women. She was on board with it and felt like the other ladies of our group would enjoy this challenge I came up with.  So here it is: 30 days to loving your home. 

30 days of loving your home

It’s simple really: every day, for the entire month of September, I challenge you to think of just one thing you love about your home (if love is too strong of a word, how about something you like instead?). It could be something small, such as the rose bush by the front deck, or something big like the ample closet space.  But the important thing is to find something, anything, positive about the place you call home.  My hope in creating this challenge is that it will open your eyes to the blessing you have, and make you truly thankful for a roof over your head.  Often times, we get stuck in a dream world where we imagine the perfect house and all it will have.  Then, we realize our current house pales in comparison and it becomes impossible for us to feel any contentment with it. Maybe some of us will be fortunate enough to one day have our dream home, but maybe not.  And that’s okay. 

Will you join me in September as I aim to help people love their home?  You can participate on your own accord without sharing publicly, but I encourage you to at least write down what you love each day, so that you can use it as reminder in the future.  If you feel like you want to be part of the conversation on social media, use the hashtag #30daysoflovingyourhome to connect with others doing the challenge.  I’ll be sharing on my Facebook page and Twitter, so feel free to Like and Follow me there.

I hope many of you will join me in 30 days of loving your home, and that this little challenge, while fun, will also open your eyes to see that God has blessed you with a place to call home.


Update; my friend Hannah made a cool little printable for you guys:)  If you want to keep track of the the things you love in your home, print out a sheet and tack it somewhere you’ll see it.

sheet onesheet twosheet three (floral elements via Angie Makes)

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  1. I love this idea and I plan to participate. My husband bought our home 10 years ago when he was still single. There are a lot of things I don’t like, but many things that I do. He likes to say that he bought the house but I made it a home. One of the big things I don’t like is the carpet throughout. The kitchen and the toy room have hardwood floors for some reason. One day we’ll put hardwood in!

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