3000 thing challenge: closets

This month I have introduced a new challenge, called the 3000 think challenge.  It was created by another blogger, but I liked the idea so much that I decided to feature it here.

3000thingchallenge closets

If you have been following along since the beginning of January you have hopefully already cleaned out your kitchen and living room of excess clutter.  But if you are just hearing about this challenge now, allow me to catch you up: the goal is to spend some time each week focused on clearing clutter from a specific are of your home.  I’ve been giving prompts but encouraging my readers to choose their own area to declutter if they want.

The benefit of following along with my challenge posts is that it gives a clear goal for some people who may be feeling overwhelmed with their clutter and unsure where to start.

The challenge for this week is the linen closet and the coat closet! Are there towels that have seen better days? Try donating them to your local animal shelter (they often need soft bedding materials). Do you have more bed sheets then you know what to do with (most people make due with two full sets per bed)?  Donate them!  Are there more coats then you need?  Ask yourself how often you actually wear it, and either make a point of wearing it more or donating it.

For this week’s challenge I’m going to focus on the linen closet (we keep the coat closet tidy and clutter free already).

Good luck to everyone doing the challenge!

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