3000 thing challenge: bathroom

How did everyone do with last week’s challenge of clearing clutter from your closets?  You can catch up with the challenge by starting here.  This week’s challenge is to focus on the bathrooms of your home.


It’s time to go through that medicine cabinet and get under the sink…I know a lot of people have cluttered bathrooms so why not take a few minutes to get rid of what you don’t need.

Do you have expired medicine?  Dispose of it safely (NOT by flushing it down the toilet! We can bring ours back to a pharmacy for safe disposal)!  Half used bath products that you dislike? Give them away (I posted some bath stuff in a Facebook buy and sell group for free and was surprised that people wanted it.  Try that before disposing)!  Old razors you never use? Throw them away!  Broken brushes or mirrors? Toss them!  Expired cosmetics? Throw them away! Magazines and other reading material that has seen better days? Recycle them!

Since we have to pay for our garbage collection in my township I prefer to donate whatever I can instead of throwing it away.  I have been able to unload nail polish, hair accessories, bath products, etc, by posting them for free in my local Facebook groups.  Anything else, like deodorant David doesn’t use anymore or unused soap we don’t like, I will pass on to family members.  If you have a lot of unused items, your local homeless shelter might appreciate them!

Now might be a good time to take stock of the decor in your bathrooms, too. If you have things that aren’t your style, you may as well get rid of them.  Likewise, if you have no use for it (such as decorative jars), donate it if you can.  There’s no point keeping things that don’t make you happy!  BTW, this post has a shot of our bathroom when we moved in…it was awful!

Are you enjoying this challenge?  I hope so!  If it’s not your thing, please let me know and I will put an end to it soon.  But if you ARE enjoying it, I’d love to know:)  You can comment below or send me an e-mail (davidswife2574@gmail.com).


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  1. I like this challenge! My husband and I majorly decluttered last year and I love reading about other people’s progress. I would very much enjoy seeing photos of what you decide to keep or throw out, if you feel so inclined to document the process. :)

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