3000 thing challenge: DVD and book cases

Greetings on this very chilly day! It is currently -18C but feels like -24C, but today is also Family Day in Canada.  I’ve got a quick post for you today, still keeping with the 3000 thing challenge.  This is an area that shouldn’t take long to declutter AND if you’re creative, you could make it a fun Family Day activity.


This week’s challenge area is: DVD and book cases!  Speaking from experience, this is an area that is very easy to accumulate clutter.  I would hazard a guess and say that every single one of us has some sort of clutter in the form of DVDs and books, so why not take some time to clear it out?

I suggest going through each DVD or Blu-Ray and asking yourself if it’s a movie you or your family have watched in the past year.  If not, consider donating it.  We have some movies that haven’t been watched in a while (such as our growing collection of 80s classics) but they are some of our favourites so we plan to keep them.  If you don’t watch the movie or don’t like it, you can donate it to a thrift store, library, or church (depending on the content). Alternatively, you could try selling it to make a few dollars.

If you are like my family and have a freakishly large collection of VHS cassettes (anyone younger than 20 know what those are? haha!) I suggest either donating them or packing them away for safe keeping.  My mom refused to give away any of our childhood movies so she packed them way in boxes. In fairness, she does still have a VHS player so we could watch the movies if we wanted.

Next is the book case.  Again, go through each book and ask yourself if you have read it in the last few years.  Is it a book you will read again? If so, then keep it.  Is it in bad shape? It may be time to recycle it and buy a new copy if desired.  If you don’t love or even like the book, you should donate it.  Any old reference books should either be given away or recycled since many stores and organizations have no use for outdated material.

Personally, I’m a fan of using the library to get FREE DVDs and books for borrowing.  That way there is no commitment, like there is with buying.  If I don’t like the movie or book I am not out any money!  And if I really enjoyed it, I know I can borrow it again.

We regularly go through our books and movies to weed out the items we don’t use, but I’m having a hard time deciding what to do with the Pretty Little Liars books series.  Personally, I think they are waaaaay better than the TV show but I’m unsure when I will read them again.  But, I have the complete set and I’m not sure that the library does…hmm, what to do?

Anyways, enjoy your Family Day, fellow Canadians!

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4 comments on “3000 thing challenge: DVD and book cases

  1. Books and DVDs seem to stay on my list of items to declutter. I love books and DVDs (and CDs too)! I like the suggestion about reference books. With Google and the Internet, do we really need these anymore? Thank you for the encouragement! I have been enjoying the 3000 think challenge.

    • I’m glad you have been enjoying th challenge so far! you are right about everything being online nowadays, and if someone in your home really wants to use a reference book I bet the library has some!

  2. Great post about de-cluttering. I am terrible with books! I know I should have a kindle or something like that but I resist! I have way too many books. We don’t watch regular T.V so we do have quite a number of DVD’s. I prefer the older shows like mod Squad, Cannon, Rockford Files all of which I am sure you have never heard of!:)

    • I have tried reading books on a kindle and I just can’t get into it! paper all the way:)

      I have heard of those shows! :)
      thanks for commenting.

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