3000 thing challenge: living room

Welcome to the second week of the 3000 thing challenge, where we will be decluttering our homes one room or area at a time!

Last week I introduced the challenge and chose the kitchen as the first area to tackle.  We cleaned out under the sink and threw out a lot of stuff!  I’d say the kitchen is the LEAST cluttered area in our home, probably because there is not a lot of space to collect stuff!

This week the challenge is to focus on the living room.  Do you have magazines that nobody reads? Recycle them!  Remotes for TVs you no longer have? Pitch them (just be sure to check with your township/city for proper disposal of electronics)!  Are there end tables whose drawers are so full you can’t remember the last time you looked in there? Go through them!  Do you have decor pieces (toss cushions, candles, wall art, etc) that you don’t love and it just takes up space? Donate it!

Our living room has a dresser that we use for storing cloth napkins, extra bake ware, stationary and more, but there is one drawer that is FULL of miscellaneous papers that need to be filed. I think there are some receipts from car repairs, copies of our insurance policy, instruction manuals, and more.  I dread going through it all but I know I will feel so good to have it accomplished!

3000thingchallenge living room

I invite you all to join me in this challenge, and if you have a blog, feel free to link up to your challenge posts in the comments!  If you want, you can use the button I created for the challenge, located in this post. I’ll be checking in throughout the week on Facebook and posting photos of my progress.

If you would like to participate in the 3000 thing challenge but don’t need to declutter the areas we focus on each week, just pick some other room!  You can tell me what you plan to tackle this week in the comments or on Facebook.

Happy decluttering!

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