3000 thing challenge recap

It’s been about two months since i started doing the 3000 thing challenge and I’ve enjoyed every week!  I’m going to take a break from it, but it’s quite likely that you will see it again on the blog. For now I’m going to share some of my thoughts on the challenge as well as a personal progress report.


I really enjoyed choosing one area per week to work on because it helped keep me focussed on a goal, since I tend to get distracted when I clean/organize.  Decluttering is something I enjoy in general because I feel like I always have things I can get rid of.  Posting weekly also helped keep me accountable!

Admittedly, I did not have a lot to get rid of when I started this challenge.  We had family over at Christmas and I had spent a fair bit of time cleaning, organizing, and decluttering in anticipation.  But I was still able to find items I didn’t need, as well as homes for stuff that was sort of just hanging around.

Halfway through the challenge I did a recap and listed some items I got rid of.  Here is that list again, with the rest of my donated/tossed things added.

  • paid bills
  • old manuals
  • old copies of insurance
  • receipts from lumber purchased in the summer
  • receipts from daily purchases
  • shoe boxes
  • toiletries we don’t use
  • cleaning rags that are too dirty to use again
  • empty cleaner bottles
  • broken bird feeder
  • wall mounted hooks
  • random screws and nails
  • winter accessories we don’t use anymore
  • a bag of beach toys we have no use for
  • empty shoe boxes
  • extra pillowcases that were unused
  • several large coffee table books
  • books I don’t plan to reread
  • CDs I don;’t listen to
  • DVDs we don’t watch
  • fabric scraps
  • wall mounted hooks for hanging bathroom towels

In addition to the areas I suggested for the challenge each week I cleaned out my closet, David’s dresser, and the basement bedroom which is now my “office”.  From these three areas I gathered one large garbage bag full of clothes to donate, a couple banker’s boxes worth of flattened cardboard (from small appliances), one large garbage bag full of housewares, wool, video game accessories and more.  I also got rid of a pair of U-G-L-Y curtains that had been hanging in the basement.

Decluttering makes me feel so free and light!  I truly believe most people have way more stuff than needed, myself included.  It’s my personal goal to continue simplifying our home room by room until we have only items that serve a purpose or that bring us joy.

I hope you enjoyed this series and were able to benefit from it in some way.  If you’d like to read all the posts, click here. 

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  1. Isn’t it amazing? The more you declutter, the more you want to get rid of. There are so many perks of having less that we don’t realize. I’ve gone clear through the house twice now. Thinking of all the ‘stuff’ we’ve gotten rid of is mind-boggling. But I feel like there is so much more that can go so will continue to edit my surroundings:)

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