3000 thing challenge: recap

Well, we have successfully completed one month of the 3000 thing decluttering challenge!  So far we have removed clutter from bathroom, linen and coat closets, living room, and kitchen.   Some of you expressed an interest in hearing how I’ve done overall with this challenge, and I encourage you to share your progress too!


I admit, I do not have a lot of clutter to start with since I’m a stickler for decluttering regularly.  But I did take time to do each weekly challenge anyways!  Here are some things I threw away and donated:

  • paid bills
  • old manuals
  • old copies of insurance
  • receipts from lumber purchased in the summer
  • receipts from daily purchases that had been accumulating in the living room
  • shoe boxes
  • toiletries we don’t use (I gave these to my mom and brothers since they use them)
  • cleaning rags that are too dirty to use again
  • empty cleaner bottles (why did I save them?  I don’t know!)
  • broken bird feeder (it was stored under the kitchen sink after we cleaned it, but now it has been recycled)
  • wall mounted hooks
  • random screws and nails (when we moved into our house we found screws and nails in the most odd places…like right near the ceiling or off center on a wall.  So we started pulling them out and collecting them to see how many we could find.  We filled a plastic disposable cup and then hung onto it because it was kind of funny.  It’s been almost 4 years now, so it’s time to let those screws go!)

I also went a few steps ahead and went through my clothing to see what I can donate.  I ended up filling almost a full large garbage bag with really good quality pieces!  My goal is to have all my clothes either hanging or in a dresser in my closet, instead of storing the overflow pieces in the attic.

My church was having a book fundraiser so I also went through ours to see what we could donate.  I filled two plastic grocery bags with unwanted materials!

Getting rid of clutter makes me feel good!  I like being free of things I don’t want or need, and I like being able to bless other people with it if possible.  We try not to throw things away for one simple reason: it costs us money to put out garbage in our township.  I can’t remember the last time we threw anything away!  Any papers we have are either burned in the wood stove or shredded for the composter; plastics are recycled; fabric is either composted or used for rags; food is composted; ear swabs and facial tissue is composted.  If anything is in good shape, we will donate it or ask my family if they want it.

My favourite donation as of recently was some of David’s too small clothes.  My youngest brother (who will be 23 this fall) recently lost a lot of weight and was in need of new clothes.  David has steadily been gaining muscle so a lot of his shirts and pants are too small.  I asked my brother if he wanted some and everything ended up fitting!

I would love to hear how your decluttering is going!  Would you be interested in a future post about how we have almost zero garbage on a regular basis?


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6 comments on “3000 thing challenge: recap

  1. This is awesome! Way to go!
    I too declutter on a regular basis but random things always find a way back into our home. This year I’m working hard to eliminate 50% of our belongings since I feel we have more than we need.
    ~Sarah-Ann @ Living Intentionally Simple

  2. I am right there with you Christina! Constantly cleaning out and reorganizing. I think it is a hobby :) I am happy to have you join us and encourage us as the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth… Reading your bio, I am also a wearer of skirts but admit to being a lover of dogs…

    • I also enjoy organizing as a hobby:) Thanks for having me over there! Hmmm, dog lover you say? I guess that is alright ;)
      Have a great day!

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