8 ways to have a Christ-centered Christmas

Are you one of those people who dislikes all the stress, chaos, debt, etc that is often associated with Christmas?  I definitely am!  While I certainly enjoy the holiday it seems like some people are forgetting the true meaning of it: the birth of Jesus Christ! I’m going to go out on a limb and say most people, Christian or not, recognize that Christmas signifies Jesus being born, but not many actually celebrate that miraculous event.  Often, people will focus on giving gifts (which is nice), spending time with family (awesome!), enjoying a nice meal (yum), watching Christmas movies (so fun), etc, but rarely reflect on what the season really means.

If you are looking for some easy ways to put the focus back on Jesus Christ this Christmas, look no further!  I’ve rounded up some really great ideas from around the internet that are sure to put some meaning into the holiday.

8 ways to have a Christ centered Christmas

  1. The White Stocking Tradition:  Simply hang a white stocking with your others, or on it’s own, and write down “gifts” you want to give Jesus.  Personally, I’d write things like volunteer with ___________ ministry at church;  spending more time reading the Bible;  serving others. 
  2. Christian Meaning of Traditional Christmas Symbols:  What a fun activity for kids! You can teach them about what a Christmas tree, candy cane, bells and more symbolize and include little trinkets for each.
  3. Biblical Based Christmas Books for Children: Instead of stories about Santa and elves, try reading your kids/nieces/nephews/cousins/etc a book that focuses on Christ’s birth.  There are sooooo many to chose from, and I have personally seen several at my local library.
  4. Fill the Manger with Straw Through Acts of Kindness: The idea here is that every time you do a nice gesture for someone you place some straw in a “manger” for baby Jesus.  This would be a great activity for small children!
  5. Scripture Advent Calendar: What a fun and more meaningful way to count down to Christmas! Even though advent calendars are usually for kids, I’d enjoy this one.
  6. Christ-centered Gift Giving: Instead of giving a lot of gifts that are likely to be forgotten soon, or unused,  why not try giving just 3 gifts: a want, a need, and something to promote spiritual growth (a new Bible, Christian books, a prayer journal, encouraging framed quote, Christian music CD for example!).  This is such a great idea if you have many people to shop for, or to give to the adults in your family.
  7. Read Bible Verses for Each Day of Advent: You can do this activity alone or with your family. This is a great way to familiarize young children with the Christmas story, but it works just as well for adults!
  8. Decorate with Bible Verses: If you’re not keen on setting up a mini manger this year why not print and frame some Bible verses to display?  I have this version of Luke 2:11 hanging by our front door.  It’s a subtle way to minister to your guests as the enter and exit your home.

Do you have anything else to add to the list?

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    • You’re welcome! Thanks for having such a great gift giving idea:) I think my husband and I will start that tradition next year!

    • Thanks Lanae! My husband and I are buying ourselves something practical this yea, but next year I’m going to do the Christ-centered gifts too.

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