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There’s nothing like putting on an outfit and instantly feeling awesome.  It’s amazing how looking good can make a person feel good too!  When I got dressed on Monday I picked some clothes that were good on their own but awesome together.  The skirt is an old second hand piece I bought in high school, but I had actually altered it about a foot shorter.  I used safety pins, since I have terrible sewing skills!  At the time, midi skirts were NOT on trend, hence the shortening.  But I’m so glad they are stylish now and that my poor sewing skills prevented me from making a permanent alteration.

The top I wore is an old one I found in a box of stuff at my mom’s house.  It was hers as a teenager, and for some reason she kept it.  I’m so glad she did, because it is adorable.  The pattern is sort of hard to see clearly (since I didn’t opt for a close up shot of my chest!) but it is some old time-y ladies with the word “HOLLYWOOD” across their backs.  It’s colourful, fun and even has some sequins!  The sleeves were a little long so I rolled and pinned them up.


The skirt is pleated and swingy! This shot shows me swishing from side to side :)

graphicteeandpolkadotskirt graphicteeandpolkadotskirt

I tried my hand at a “spinning picture” and I did not enjoy it, haha!  I get dizzy very easily but hopefully this shot looks good enough to make it worth it.  And this is a rare shot of the back of my head, too!

graphicteeandpolkadotskirt graphicteeandpolkadotskirt


Since I wore this to the Library I opted for somewhat practical shoes, but I would have preferred blue wedges if I had been wearing this to church or someplace that doesn’t require much walking.  As usual I wore a pair of sparkly earrings and my Pandora bracelets.  I’m obsessed with belting my skirts and dresses, even if they don’t reeeally need it! This pinkish belt was a bargain at a $1.50 on sale!

Do you have a happy outfit?  Describe it to me:)

Oh, and of course, my awesooooome husband whom I loooooove, took these photos on our yard!

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