A peek into my “office”

The time has come for me to finally show you where I work on this blog.  Are you ready?  This may the best office you have ever seen…

c01b3e4a6a57835b4de5b8e9c92e2824Ha…that is not my office! My real office space is actually on my living room couch.  It is the best spot in the house to work because I can see outside, am close to the kitchen and Vinnie (my cat) likes to nap nearby.




When I first started blogging I set up a small desk and chair in one of the spare bedrooms but I never used it because I didn’t love it.  The desk was too small and the chair was hard.  Since I have a laptop I can work wherever I want so the living room couch seemed like a natural choice.  I adore this couch! It’s comfy and plush and it is actually L-shaped but we took it apart to fit into the current furniture arrangement.

From where I’m sitting now I can see my husband’s fish tank, some books I enjoy looking at, Vinnie and our front yard.  The living room is bright and sunny so that helps keep my mood up while working.

While I enjoy working in the living room I’m hoping to eventually create an office space that is separate so that I can keep all my blogging related stuff together and organized instead of scattered throughout the basement and living room.  Below is a quick collage of what I’d like my office to look like.


The wall colour would be a light pink, because the office would be all mine and I could decorate it however I wanted!!  Weirdly enough, men don’t want pink walls in shared spaces…who knew?!   I really like the wall of book cases and the big floral design too.  I have been eyeballing a mirrored table for years, and although this one is very expensive, it shows what I have in mind.  And finally, a comfy chair in an awesome fabric is a must have.

Do you currently have a home office?  What does it look like?  What would you put in your dream office if money was no object?


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