a sweater dress so nice I wore it twice!

Do you have an item of clothing that is your go-to piece for looking put together?  I have a few, but apparently this sweater dress is becoming one of them!  I got it several years ago but didn’t  wear it until we did our engagement photos.  Then I dug out the dress in 2013 to wear again.   I tried it on again this past fall only to discover that it was a little tighter and shorter than I remembered…But I could make it work! I layered it over pants that had become too tight to continue wearing as such, added a belt and had a whole new outfit! 

I chose this dress again today for wearing to a first aid course because it is comfy, I can move easily in it and the added layers keep me warm.

sweaterdress (2)

I kept my accessories simple, wearing only my wedding rings and a pair of earrings.  I kept my makeup simple, too.  Instead of the usual winged liner I do, I opted for a brown eyeliner across my top lid.

sweaterdress (1)

sweaterdress (3)

I’ve been having some skin issues lately, so I wear a liquid concealer 99% of the time that I leave the house.

My footwear of choice is my Blundstone boots!  They are comfy, easy to wear, keep my feet warm and dry and I think they look good with a variety of outfits.



When I wear this dress now (and I’ve worn it several other times that have not been blogged about!) I have a basic layering formula I follow: long sleeved shirt in a pattern or colour (if weather dictates); leggings; boots.  I aim to have a pattern or colour peeking out under the sleeves for a bit of visual interest.  Since the dress is kind of snug, it tends to ride up when I move around.  For modesty reasons I opted to wear tight fitting pants underneath instead of stockings or tights.  This proved helpful today while taking first aid training because I could kneel down and get up off the floor without flashing anyone!


Looking back at the pictures of today’s outfit I wish I had belted it, but the belt would have been cutting into my stomach when sitting down in class. Oh well!

Do you have an outfit you keep wearing over and over?  I’d love to see a picture, so head over to my Facebook page and post it!

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2 comments on “a sweater dress so nice I wore it twice!

  1. Cute! I’m still on the lookout for the perfect sweater dress. I love the earrings! And my gosh- your eye color is gorgeous :)


    • It’s hard to find one that isn’t too tight. Thanks, I love the earrings, they are so fun! Ohhh, I’ve had strangers stop and ask me if I’m wearing coloured contacts because they don’t think it’s my natural colour!

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