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Hi, I’m Christina and this is my blog.  On October 28, 2012 I got married and became a homeowner.  My husband, David, and I live in a rural farming community in Ontario, Canada.

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This blog started as a way to share my ideas about home decor, recipes and gardening but it has now become a place for inspiration for modest fashion and Christ-centred homemaking.

I feel that it is my God-given responsibility to be the keeper of my home, and to do so with a joyful heart.  While homemaking will be my main priority, I do have a home based business where I sell knitting and sewing projects.  You can view my online store here.

If you’re new here, I invite you to read the some of my favourite posts:

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You can find my writing elsewhere, on A Pinch of Faith and Modest Fashion Network.

Want to know more? E-mail: davidswife2574@gmail.com or follow me on social media!

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All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I may occasionally refer to a specific brand or product but I have not been compensated for that unless noted.  I suggest brands I truly believe in and personally use.
 If you are interested in sponsorship or any kind please e-mail me at the address above.

About Christina

20-something; rural dwelling; wife to David; homeowner; pretty good cook; wearer of skirts; friend to all cats.

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  1. Dear Christina…

    I am so glad that I stopped by your delightful blog… Not only is it beautiful (I love your floral design!) but it is inspiring and lovely…I hope to visit again very soon!

    Blessings in Christ,

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