an easy way to chop onions

I love to cook, but I used to avoid using onions because I found them tricky to dice and the smell burned my eyes.  Then I discovered a super easy trick for perfectly diced onions without the tears…want to know what it is?  Keep reading!

easy way to dice an onion

1.  Place onion in freezer for about 30 minutes

2.  Cut onion in half horizontally
3.  Make vertical cuts all the way around the onion half

easy way to cut an onion
4.  Slice through the onion horizontally, starting at the bottom and working your way towards the top
easy way to dice an onion
5.  Repeat step 4 until you have chopped the whole onion.
easy way to dice an onion
6.  Repeat steps 3-5 on the on the other half of onion
That’s it!  It takes only a few minutes to chop and freezing the onion before hand somehow prevents the eye-burning I always encounter.  Plus, you get perfectly diced onions every time!  I like to chop a few onions in on go and then freeze them for future use.  
I have heard of all sorts of ways to prevent the eye-burning when chopping onions but freezing them is the best method!  

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