Never in my life did I think I’d own a china cabinet!  My parents didn’t have one and they certainly didn’t have china…or maybe they did, but they never used it.  I think picking out china patterns was something that ended with our grandparents.  We actually registered for wedding china, sort of by accident.

I saw this dish set (now discontinued at Home Outfitters) and thought it would be nice for holiday meals but didn’t get too attached to it because it’s so darn expensive.  We registered for a full set for 8 (that includes dinner plates, dessert plates, soup bowls, tea cups and saucers) and I thought maybe we’d get 2 sets.  Boy was I wrong!!! David’s grandma bought us the whole set!!!  Apparently, being the only grandson has perks;)

Anyway, we have this gorgeous set of china and the same grandma who bought it for us gave us her wedding china, so we have 2 fab sets which came in quite handy when we hosted dinner for 18 people.   I had stored all the china in kitchen cupboards with glass fronted doors so it was visible, but I wasn’t crazy about it there.  Our kitchen is a decent size and has a fair amount of cupboard space but we have  A LOT of kitchen items…mostly bakeware which  is currently being stored in our already full pantry in the basement.  Yesterday we drove to David’s other grandma’s house to pick up an antique china cabinet she was giving us.  At first I thought I’d be clever and use it as additional linen closet space and put it in the hallway outside the main bathroom.  But then I was like  “Duh, I should use it for china and stuff”. So that’s what I did!

I didn’t expect to actually own such nice stuff!

Here’s a wide shot of the cabinet in it’s new home.  Note that my cat’s bed is underneath and she loves it!  I’m not 100% sure of the location of the cabinet and I may move it to the living room, but this is where it;s staying for now.  What do you guys think? Should I keep the cabinet here?

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