April 1

Yes it’s that time of year when it’s somehow okay to pull pranks on friends, family and co-workers. Personally, I’ve never enjoyed April Fool’s day.  I don’t like being pranked or doing it to others so I tend to just lay low all day (in grade school the teachers made a rule that you could only prank until noon).

When I was a kid my grandpa used to play the same ‘trick’ every year…he would give one of my brothers or me an envelope and say there was $10 in it.  Turns out the envelope was empty.  He did this for years and we would always pretend to be fooled until one year, when my brothers were in middle school.  My grandpa called us for the money envelope and my brother said “We know it’s empty.  You’ve done the same trick for  years” to which my grandpa swore there was actually money this time.  My brother reluctantly opened the envelope as my grandpa howled with laughter thinking he tricked us all again.  That was just a harmless joke so I didn’t mind that.

Most pranks and jokes done today are mean or embarrassing which I don’t like.  But I did come across a pretty clever list of food tricks to play on someone and I think they’re pretty funny.

In my opinion, the worst prank is the fake pregnancy status that so many women post on Facebook.  It’s in bad taste because so many couples struggle with getting pregnant…plus, imagine how friends and family would feel if they found out someone lied to them about being pregnant.  Posting a status about a fake cancer scare wouldn’t be funny, so why is a fake pregnancy funny?  Did you know there’s a whole website dedicated to faking a pregnancy?!  You may be thinking “Well, none of my friends or family are struggling with infertility so nobody would be offended” but you don’t know what people are going through.  Infertility and loss aren’t really things people talk about on Facebook if at all…so someone you know might be dealing with this pain will likely be offended by your joke.  Did you know that the majority of pregnancies that will spontaneously end will do so by 12 weeks?  That’s why it’s recommended not to share news of pregnancy until after 12 weeks…so you may never even know that so-and-so on your Facebook friends list was pregnant because it ended before she could share the news.  So please…think about what I’ve said if you are considering a fake pregnancy status today.

If you are wondering what to do for April Fool’s day, may I suggest nothing?  Or if you’re dead set on pulling a prank, maybe choose one of the food tricks listed above…most of them are pretty harmless.

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