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I’m SUPER picky about art.  I’ve never actually bought a piece from a store because I don’t like mass produced art.   I’ve never bought an original because they are really expensive and I haven’t loved any.
Before we got married, I lived with my mom and brothers and I had all sorts of weird art in my room!  I framed pressed flowers, greeting cards, photographs I had taken, rocks, etc…I took all that art with me to my matrimonial home and have slowly been integrating into our large collection of what we consider art. 
Here are some examples of the art in our home with descriptions under each image.

This painting was a wedding gift from my cousin.  He’s an artist who specializes in modern work.  Check out his site!

We ordered a custom rubber stamp for our wedding.  I stamped the back of all the invite envelopes and someone sent it back to me:)  So I framed it because I love it!  The little frame was found by mom mom at a yard sale.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these plaques.  I found amazing scrapbook paper for $1 at Michael’s and had them plaqued at Wal Mart.  I love the tones, the images and the way the pages are designed.

I hung this grouping above my desk because each piece inspires me in some way.  The “home sweet home” piece is actually a housewarming card.  The pictures under it are a gift bag that I cut to fit my frames.  The photograph is one of our engagement pictures.  The Prada piece is another gift bag (it makes me feel decadent).  The frame next to it contains some dark room photography I did when I was 16.  I painted the birch tree when I was 13 and it’s the only painting I love that I have done.  The framed leaves were collected at my mom’s house because I love the colours of fall.

The macaroni picture was made by one of our groomsmen as an engagement gift.  I thought it was fun and a nice gesture so I put it on our bookshelf.  The antler belonged to David’s grandpa and the vintage plate belonged to a great aunt on David’s side (we got it as a wedding present). 

David (my husband) is always collecting rocks and flowers for me.  He knows I like Queen Anne’s Lace so he found a  really nice looking bloom and pressed it for me.  This frame was just waiting for the perfect piece so I put them together.  I love the way it looks!  This currently sits between an old fruit basket and a soapstone chess set.
I’m a firm believer that art is whatever you make it to be.  My brother has collectable action figures displayed in his room; my mother-in-law loves a certain artist and only hangs pieces by her; my grandpa sets our his greeting cards in his living room so he can look at them all year.  Since your home should be a reflection of the people who live there, display whatever you love…and call it art!
I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my art.  My husband has his own collection but it’s not on display yet.  I’ll get on him to put it up ;)

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