artwork for the bathroom

Our main bathroom has come a long way since we first moved in and ripped off the ugly wall paper.

It was cluttered, dated and just icky when we first saw the house but we knew it had potential because it’s a good size, has 2 sinks, a full bathtub and shower.  Now the bathroom looks clean and bright, but it was still missing something…art work!  I’ve always thought decorating a bathroom is kind of pointless but now I see the validity of it. 
I didn’t really want to overdecorate the room so I decided simply hang something on the wall, but choosing what to put up was trickier than I thought.  I had saved some old plant collection assignments from college (I was an Environmental student) and thought one of them might look nice hanging in the bathroom.  My brother had given me a large frame he thought I could use and it was the perfect fit for my plant project.
I apologize for the weird angle of this picture, but there is a large window right across from the frame that provides a less than ideal glare across the glass.  But you get the general idea ;)

This plant collection was for an aquatic biology class I took in my second year of college.  We had to gather several aquatic plants from certain categories and then mount them a very specific way (to herbarium standards…ooh la la).  David and I had been dating for almost a year at this point, and we were in the same program at school, so we worked on this assignment together.  I kept it because I was really proud of how it turned out plus it seemed like such a waste to throw it out.  
You may be thinking I’m weird for putting a pressed plant by the toilet, but you know what?  It works and here’s why!
  • the wood picture frame echos the wood of the door and window frames
  • the neutral matting blends nicely with the wall colour, allowing the plant to be more visible
  • the green of the plant works well against the green tones of the floor, shower curtain and veining on the countertops
  • we like nature and have other wilderness objects throughout the house
  • most importantly, it’s personal to us and I believe art should speak to you or be special to you in someway

I’m glad I was finally able to give this specimen a new home after being packed away for years!  

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