August Fashion Challenge

I’m excited to share some info regarding the outfit inspiration challenge I came up with for August.  As you know, I created a Facebook group called Modest Young Women for ladies in their twenties and thirties to share daily outfits, ask for fashion advice, get inspiration from real women, and more.  Our members have different lifestyles (some work full time, others stay home, and some are students), relationship statuses (married, single, and courting), and very different fashion styles!  I love seeing the diversity of outfits posted, and I particularly enjoy our Pinterest board.

Recently I asked the ladies of the group if they’d be interested in doing a fashion challenge for the month of August.  They said it sounded fun, so I created a different theme for each day of the month.  The idea is to use the challenge as outfit inspiration, and then to share your photos with the other members.


For example, on August 5, the challenge prompt is neutrals with a pop, so that could mean you wear a beige dress with colourful shoes.  The great thing about this challenge is that a lot of the prompts can be interpreted differently, so the outfits will be sooo diverse!

I’m looking forward to posting my outfit photos here on my blog, and I invite other bloggers to follow along!  You are invited to join the MYW Facebook group to be part of the fun there.  If you don’t want to join, or don’r think you can commit to every day of the challenge, you can still participate!  We have special hashtags you can use to share your outfits on social media so everyone else can see them.

Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!  If you have any questions about the challenge, feel free to comment or send me an e-mail (


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