aww yeah, pixie cuts!

A few months ago I decided to change my hair style from bob to pixie…and I love it!  Granted, there are days when I miss braids, ponytails and curls, but I’m happier with my new style.

I had a really hard time finding good pictures of pixie cuts to use as inspiration!  I mean, Pinterest is great but I spent weeks searching.  Last week I had my 5 week trim and decided to go even shorter than before and have my bangs cut differently.  I wanted the option of making my hair look polished and professional, but also a bit tousled and messy.  I’m still figuring out the best method of styling my hair (so far I’ve discovered that bobby pins are amazing for keeping my hair where I want while it dries), but here is a shot I took today with my Blackberry.

I’ll post some better quality pictures soon…it’s just a of a hassle to bring out my equipment (camera; tripod; shutter release remote; laptop) to take a good picture. 

Check back later this week for some recipe, outfit and garden posts!

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