balancing homemaking and hobbies

Today I want to share a quick post about finding a balance between homemaking and still having time for hobbies.  Personally, I could spend all day either sewing, knitting, or reading!  In fact, I have done that on more than one occasion…Even blogging is a hobby of mine that I could spend way too much time on (hard to believe, I know, especially since I haven’t been posting regularly!).

Over the years I have struggled with making homemaking a priority, even though I feel like this is the role God called me to at this point in my life.  Usually I rushed through all I needed to do each day so that I could spend the rest of my time doing something more fun.  But when I did relax and read, I couldn’t help but notice the dust bunnies gathering in the window sill, or the basket of unfolded laundry that was in my way.  I was doing just the bare minimum amount of chores so that I had more “me time” and it wasn’t good.

So to force myself to stay on track and actually keep my house in good shape, I decided to give myself a time frame for house work.  Starting when I woke up around 7:00, I would focus on tidying, deep cleaning, meal prep, and whatever else I had to do, until 2:00 in the afternoon.  Then I would give myself permission to sit down for a couple hours and read, knit, or sew.  I would usually start getting dinner together around 4:30 or 5:00, and then would spend time with David when he got home from work/school.

This isn’t a complicated method, by any means!  But it WORKED. If I finished all my light chores early on, I’d make myself look for something else that needed to be done.  For me that meant washing the kitchen cupboards, reorganizing the pantry, sweeping the infrequently used basement, etc.  It was amazing how much I actually accomplished!  And how much better it felt to sit down and spend time doing on of my hobbies knowing that I had been productive at home.

I do not think there is anything wrong with enjoying wholesome hobbies, as long as they do not become our main focus.


She looks well to the ways of her household,
And does not eat the bread of idleness.
Proverbs 31:27 NASB

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6 comments on “balancing homemaking and hobbies

  1. Great post Christina! I have a similar schedule too. I find I have much more energy in the morning so I can better tackle the household tasks.
    Enjoy the beautiful Fall weather!

  2. So interesting, this is something I’ve been thinking about too! Great post.

    Recently I had to make a deal with myself about how to make the most of my time. Since I’m 100% a night owl and my “witching hour” of productivity tends to be late afternoon/evening, I decided not to fight my body clock, and my solution has been to take it easy/enjoy hobbies in the morning, run errands/do chores after lunchtime, and start homework around sunset. It sounds backwards, but otherwise, I’ll dwaddle through chores and homework all morning and afternoon and take way longer than necessary, then have a kick of productive energy after sunset and waste it on reorganizing my closet unnecessarily. X)

    By the way, I think that’s a new profile pic? It’s super cute!

    • Thanks for sharing, Lauren. I think everyone is different and we have to find what works for us personally. And thanks, my pic is new :)

  3. Hi Christina,
    I’m new to following your blog :) My children are all grown and have their own families now, but I’m always inspired by young woman seeking to live their life in a conscious way that brings glory to God and that’s why I subscribed. Thanks for this post. I have always loved homemaking, maybe because my mum did. I still like to do most of my chores in the morning (cleaning, baking, meal prep etc) and then in the afternoon I focus on my other loves – the garden, or my soap business. It’s a wonderful thing to be orderly, disciplined and have a plan each day, that’s why lists are great :) Blessings to you ~ Linda

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