basic outfit

There’s nothing special about this outfit. It’s a skirt I wear A LOT, an old band tee, basic cardigan and a scarf I made.  Normally I’m not a tee shirt wearer but I have several so I am trying to wear them more often.

This pose looked soooo much cooler in my head…I just look weird now!  But the leaves behind me are pretty, so focus on them!

fall maxi skirt 2

Oh hello up there!

fall maxi skirt 3 fall maxi skirt 4 fall maxi skirt

An outfit like this is easy to recreate again and is perfect for casual days.  The skirt I’m wearing is hands down, my favourite of all my maxi skirts! It’s comfy, light weight and can be worn all year round!

rust maxi skirt

The skirt was actually a dress I had my eye on last summer, but was too cheap to pay full price.  Then, in the fall, the dress was half off, so I bought it.  I had originally planned to wear it as a dress but the neckline was too tight for me, so I cut the top section off at the elasticized waist and now have this fab skirt.  It’s a little long, which suits me fine since I am obsessed with wearing skirts on my natural waist.

If you looove my scarf, you can buy it (or another version!) in my Etsy shop :)  Oh, and my tee shirt says Kings of Leon, which is a band I really like so David surprised me with tickets (and this shirt!) for my 19th birthday.

Do you have an item of clothing you keep wearing all year long?

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