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One of my favourite summer activities is going to the beach. My mom and I go to a great, sandy one on Lake Ontario and spend hours chatting, snacking and sometimes reading.  Notice that I didn’t say swimming ? Yeah…we don’t swim.  We still wear (sun)bathing suits and bring towels but we spend our beach day on dry land.  I know it’s silly, but we like it that way!

Since I’m not swimming in my suit, I can choose fashion over function:)  For the last few years I’ve been favoring one piece suits, since they are more modest.  But let’s be honest: trying to take off a one piece to use the bathroom is too much of a hassle (especially if it is wet!!). This year, since my old suit was too small, I decided to  buy a tankini style suit.  After not finding anything I wanted in stores I decided to try some online retailers.  There were a lot of great suits, but nothing perfect for me.  I came across the Lime Ricki line and liked what I saw!  I also liked the price point (I paid around $80 for my suit).  They have a lot of different patterns, colours and styles so I was able to basically hand pick my dream suit!  I chose a floral peplum top with a separate ruched skirt.


Oh my gosh, did she just post a bathing suit picture?! You bet your booties I did!  I feel like this suit is modest enough that I can feel comfortable wearing it in public (obviously!), so I can share photos of it online.

The top has an adjustable halter strap and a nice, loose peplum.  It may be hard to see in the photo but the bottoms are a skirt, with the briefs attached underneath, that has ruching along the sides.  I like that the skirt can be stretched down to fingertip length!


Now, I want to mention that I was NOT contacted or compensated in any way by Lime Ricki; I’m simply sharing my opinions with you and I doubt Lime Ricki even knows about my blog!

I highly recommend Lime Ricki suits because they have a lot of different styles, are affordable and well made.  I will say that their sizing is a little odd…I used their size guide to measure myself for the bathing suit top and it was waaaay too big. They have a great return policy but I chose to just take the top in a bit with needle and thread.  There is a wide range of swim bottoms, from briefs to board shorts, so you can bet you will find something to suit your style and coverage needs.

Here are some of my other favourite suits!

drawstring_hib_dot__89854.1432277720.440.600 pep_hibdot__37572.1432277651.440.600 princ_pep_cinndot__43372.1430263382.440.600 ruched_seafoam_stripe__30871.1426711327.440.600


Again, I did not work with Lime Ricki in any way to write this post!  I just want to share a great company with my readers:)  I know summer is nearly halfway over, but I still suggest you check out this company, especially their sale section!

What kind of swimsuit do you prefer?  I like something that is feminine and retro!


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