bathroom make over-before

This was our bathroom.  It’s actually really spacious and has good bones but it’s hard to see through all the wall paper and kitch and everything else! 

As you can see, the bottom half of the walls are blue tile and the upper half is a wallpaper/border combination.  The toilet is blue, the tub is blue, the shower is blue…The only thing we really liked was the dual vanity and the neat window shutters.

Oh…I forgot to mention there were sliding glass doors on the shower.  They were SOOOOO easy to remove.  The fram was screwed into the surround and there was caulking on all the seams.   My dad ripped the top part of the frame off and David and I removed the rest.  Once the top was off the glass doors were lifted off really easily.  We used a knife to cut the caulking and a little bit of strength (from David!) to pull the frame off.   There was a lot of caulking and dirt on the bottom where it rested on the tub…it took a lot of scraping and cleaning!

yep…that’s wallpaper above the shower.  We decided to keep the tiles and tub for now as it may end up being a costly project to remove them. 

It already looks better!  We removed the cabinets on either side of the mirror so we could paint and just never put them up.  We actually like them but it made the space feel smaller so we will probably reuse them in another room.

We stripped the wallpaper first, then cleaned the walls to remove any leftover glue.  There were a lot of holed so they all had to be patched and sanded.  Then we taped and painted!
The toilet was replaced at the very end. 

I’ll post an After picture soon;)

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