beating the winter blues

Do you find yourself feeling sort of down and blue during the winter?  Cold weather, shorter days, and being stuck indoors can often lead to those feelings, and it sometimes seems like winter is never going to end.  I find that I feel this way if I have nothing to occupy my time, so staying busy is key for me.  If you are like me, here are some ideas to help you stay busy and beat the winter blues.

Learn a new skill: Have you been wanting to learn to knit, paint, style hair, etc? Whatever your interests are, why not take some time to nurture that into a new skill?  If you are able to take classes, this is a great way to stay busy and meet new people.  But there are also many online tutorials and instructional videos to teach you new skills.  Alternatively, you can check out your local library for how-to books.

Catch up with friends: As hard as we may try, it can be tricky to connect with friends over the Christmas holidays, but the rest of winter is typically a bit more slow paced.  Now is a great time to get together with friends, have a girls’s night in, or even just write a good old fashioned letter to a friend!

Organize or deep clean your home: Am I the only one who finds purging and organizing calming?  I like going through various rooms in the house and seeing what I can get rid of, or how I can better organize things.  Winter is a great time for that since I am usually cooped up inside all day.  Not only does cleaning and organizing keep one busy, it creates a real sense of accomplishment when the task is finished!

Get involved with your church:  Serving others has a way of making the server feel really good!  There are so many different areas of ministry at church, and they likely need volunteers in a number of positions.  You could help with childcare, join a planning committee, help prepare for luncheons, and more.   Not only will this help you stay busy, but you are doing good for the Lord, too!

Have friends over for dinner, a movie, board games, etc:  David and I love having friends over for dinner and games.  It’s fun, relaxing, and we all enjoy catching up.  I love being a hostess, but if the idea of extra meal prep makes you nervous, you can always invite friends over in the evening and just provide snacks instead of a full meal.  We like the addition of games because it is a fun way to fill time.  My favourite is the Game of Life, and David likes a dice game called “Farkle”.

Get outside:  I know, it may be cold and snowy and windy, but you can handle it!  Bundle up in an extra layer and take a winter hike; go snowshoeing; take your dogs for an adventure.  My first date with David was actually a winter hike.  We made homemade apple cider and packed it in a thermos for a warm drink on the trail.  If you are not near any trails, you can still take a walk around your neighbourhood or city to get some fresh air

Read a new book series: In my experience, I get a lot more invested in a book if it is part of a series and I make a point to find time for reading.  You can check out my books on Goodreads for book ideas, or take a browse through your local library.  My branch has stickers on the spines for each category of book, but if yours doesn’t, you can always ask the librarian for a recommendation.

Bonus ideas: Have a winter date! Check out this list of over 20 cheap or free date ideas.  Learn new hairstyles!  Browse the video tutorials I have done for ideas.




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