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I’m so excited to be sharing this with you guys! I am friends with a real, professional make up artist who has graciously allowed me to post her first tutorial video to share with all of you!

Alycia Wicks is super talented and has done a guest post on my blog before. I was eager to work with her so I asked if she would be interested again and she said yes. I am not up to speed on the current make up and beauty trends (are red lips still in?!) but Alycia is and said she would be talking about eyebrows for her video.  I was intrigued because I remember when skinny brows were in fashion, followed by bushy ones so I’m curious to see what the pro says.

Before you watch the tutorial, here are some examples of Alycia’s work (she did my wedding makeup!) to show how how awesome she is.

See? Awesome work!  The first picture is actually of my bridesmaids at my wedding:)

And now…for the video!

I’m seriously impressed with all the knowledge Alycia has…I’m so inept when it comes to makeup, but almost everything I know I learned when I had my make up trials with Alycia before my wedding.  She is partly responsible for me NOT looking like a clown everyday!

What do you guys think of the current brows trend?  Would you try it, if you aren’t already?  Did you have those super skinny or wild and crazy eyebrows of years past? I actually did both…oh the shame!

In my defense…my eyebrows were terrible in middle school so I had them professionally waxed and then I plucked them to maintain the shape.  So the over tweezed look is what I was given!  After a few years of that I decided to let my brows grow in naturally and that is what we see in the second picture.  They had no shape!!  Now I think they are a happy combo of shaped but natural:)
Let me know if you want to see more videos by Alycia! We’ll see if we can convince her to share her expertise again:)

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5 comments on “guest post/beauty how to: brows

  1. I loved that video, and I would really like to see more! I prefer for my eyebrows to be not to thick not to thin. :-) Keep up the great work!

  2. Hello Ladies and Gentleman:)
    Thank you so much for all the positive feedback! Its so nice to hear! What types of things would you like to learn about in the future? Also to the last comment which there is not a name, currently if you go to any Shoppers Drug Mart and purchase one of the new Lise Watier eyebrow pencils at 20$ you will recieve the stencils for free as a gift!
    Please subscribe to my youtube channel and i look forward to hearing what ideas you guys have!
    Have a beautiful day!
    True You Makeup Artistry

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