belted top over a maxi skirt

I’ve been pretty sick since New Year’s Day and with being sick comes laziness (for me at least!).  I still had to go to work at the library and that meant wearing something other than my cat printed onesie jammies. Since those were out of the running I turned to my trusted maxi skirts for maximum comfort and making me look like I put forth a little effort.  If you’re a reader of the fashion posts on Our Wood Home you’ll know I’m a fan of belting dresses and skirts.  I always tuck my tops into my skirt and belt that way, but when I wear a lot of layers or a bulky sweater it gets super bunchy.  I’ve tried skipping the belt but I feel sloppy without it.  Thankfully I found this image on Pinterest that shows a great example of belting over the skirt and with layered tops.  So I decided to give that look a try…

fall maxi skirt oufit

scarf: RW&Co
top: Aerie
belt: old
skirt: formerly a dress from H&M

maxi skirt

top: Joe Fresh
belt: H&M
skirt: dress from Old Navy

Oh gosh…my mirror is super dusty!  Try to look past the dust to the outfits;)  In the first photo I wore a peplum style top with and belted where the peplum hits.  I chose this top because the flare creates some visual interest, since it, and my skirt, are both solid colours.  The scarf added even more interest since it is patterned but it didn’t detract from my clothes because the colours are fairly neutral.  I was super comfortable wearing this outfit to work and since it looked good (or so I think!) I decided to wear a repeat the next day.

Whenever I wear the blue maxi dress as a skirt I have to bunch up my top and then belt right where it ends so that I create the appearance of a tucked in shirt.  That gets bulky and is hard to keep in place so I said ‘to heck with it!” and left the sweater untucked.  I was wearing a tank top and a long sleeved shirt under the striped sweater so I was pretty bulky on top. I added the wide belt to cinch everything up and I think it looks pretty good.  I was very comfortable in this outfit and was surprisingly warm.

I’d say the belting over the skirt experience was a positive one for me and something I’d try again.  However, I think it’s important to note the length of tops I was wearing.  They both hit me at about hip level, which was the perfect length.  Anything shorter would not have belted well and anything longer would make me look too wide.  I suggest playing around with this look to determine your ideal top length if you decide to dress similarly.  Another thing to keep in mind is belt width.  Since my peplum top is light weight I could use a skinny little belt, but my striped top needed a wider belt in a contrasting colour to stand out.  I could have easily worn a wide black belt with the striped top but I didn’t want it to blend in.  And since I had multiple layers on, I needed a large belt to hold everything in place.

Now that you’ve seen my outfit photos do you think this idea is something you’d try?  Or have you been belting your skirts this way the whole time?

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  1. How cute! I’ve never seen a belted top with a maxi skirt before, at least not that I remember. It’s cute though, especially on you. Both outfits are super cute, I love the scarf in the first one, but the second outfit is my favorite because I love the color of the maxi!!

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