Bible verse memorization (for adults!)

When I was growing up my parents had a Bible verse plaque hanging in the foyer of our house.  My brothers and I would see it every time we left or entered the door, so naturally it was easy for us to subconsciously remember that verse (John 3:16, in case you are curious!).  It was the first verse I remember learning and it has still stuck with my brothers and I all these years later (for me, nearly 20 years later!).

David and I have talked about getting into a habit of memorizing Bible verses now as adults so I thought back to my mom’s wall plaque. I know that I am a visual learner who needs repetition for information to stick, so I decided to utilize the big chalkboard in the living room to write down a new passage each week.

Bible verse memorization for adults

I specifically chose this location because it can be seen as soon as you walk in the front door, while sitting on the couch and working at the desk.  My theory was to write the passage out in hopes that our brain would subconsciously take it in even if we aren’t looking directly at the board.  For example, David passes the board every time he goes to sit in his arm chair.  After a day of having the verse written out he already memorized it all, without  directly trying to.  After another day I had memorized it too.

Bible verse memorization for adults3

I specifically chose this verse because many Proverbs can be stand alone (meaning you don’t always need to understand the context for the verse to make sense) and are usually short.  This verse in particular jumped out as I was scanning Proverbs in my Bible because it sort of relates to our life right now.  David has returned back to school and I’m trying to make a little extra money while still keeping house, and in all honesty, sometimes it’s a little scary.  I have moments of “what did we get ourselves into?!” but I know that if we continue to seek God’s will for our life, everything will work out.  Proverbs 16:3 reminds us of that: “Commit to the Lord all you do and your plans will succeed”.

You can look up verses online that pertain to a specific concern or time in your life, such as anxiety, family, work stress,  giving thanks, being happy, etc.  If you are new to scripture memorization, I suggest finding a verse that is relatively short to start.

Once you have picked a passage to memorize find a place to write it down! For us, it was the chalkboard but you can use a sticky note on the bathroom mirror, inside if your front door, desk at work, fridge,phone screensaver, etc. Put your verse somewhere you will see it repeatedly throughout the day and read it every time.  We are aiming for a new passage every week, and I encourage you to try the same!

I’d love to know what verses you are picking! Would anyone be interested if I share a verse weekly for us to memorize together?


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