birthday/fall shopping haul!

At the beginning of September I did some birthday shopping with money I was given.  I had about $110 to spend so I was determined to stretch it out and buy as much as possible.  Yesterday I spent the last of it and had planned to make a video showing what I bought but my throat is sore today and I need to rest it so I can talk at work this afternoon.

I’ve taken pictures of my goodies and included the price so you can see exactly where I spent my money.  Under each picture will be the name of the store/brand of clothing for reference.  Oh, and I should state now that everything I bought (except the lipstain and purse) were on sale.  I’ve included the original price if I remembered it.

each necklace was regularly $11.50 but were on sale for $15 for 2 at Ardene.

Lipstain in “Crush” can be bought at any drugstore.

$8 from Talize
white business casual dress
white dress with grey pattern from Ricki’s

retro print dress
retro printed dress originally from H&M, bought at Talize

light brown dress originally from BCBG Max Aria, bought at Talize

teal maxi dress from Old Navy
pink and white blouse from Ruche

jersey maxi skirt
pink and grey maxi skirt from Ruche

patterned sweater with lace cutouts from Ruche

same sweater as above, but taken in front of a window to show lace cutouts
embellished cropped sweater
embellished cropped sweater from H&M

rust coloured maxi dress from H&M

Before I went shopping I knew what I was looking for: long skirts or dresses, clothes I can wear to work (dresses, blouses, etc) and some accessories.  Going shopping at the start of September can be great for sales because stores are trying to move their summer stock and may even be having an early fall clothing sale.  My white dress, blue maxi and the items from Ruche were all summer stock that was deeply discounted; the cropped sweater and rust dress from H&M were bought in a “mid season” clearance sale.  I had actually been eyeing the dress for a while but didn’t love it enough to spend $20 (yes, I am cheap thrifty) but seeing on sale was enough to convince me!  The cropped sweater will be great for layering over maxi dresses or blouses so I’m looking forward to wearing it.

Overall I think I did pretty well with this shopping trip and am happy with my purchases.  I wish I could have scored some brown boots with a heel, but I need good quality/expensive shoes so that was not really in my budget this time.

Do you typically go shopping at the start of Fall?  What did you buy this year and what have you been eyeing?

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3 comments on “birthday/fall shopping haul!

  1. You got some cute outfits! I normally go shopping whenever there’s a good sale…for instance I bought bath and body works lotions for Christmas presents in summer. :-) It was a really good sale. And for what I’ve bought this year…I really love buying accessories like earrings and lipgloss things like that. :-)

    • Yeah if I buy to heavy of earrings they hurt my ears too. I prefer to buy smaller earrings…maybe I can do a post on some of my earrings sometime. :-)
      P.S I normally shop at Claire’s for earrings.

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