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I’m honoured to have been chosen as a recipient of The Blogger Recognition Award by Katie at Lilies of Grace.    Now that I have been awarded, here is what I’m to do:

  • Thank the person who nominated me, and provide a link to their blog. Thanks Katie! :)
  • Give a brief story on why I started my blog and one or two tips for other bloggers.
  • Choose 15 other bloggers to nominate for this award.
  • Comment on each of their blogs to let them know I nominated them.
I actually don’t even follow 15 blogs so I’ll save the third and fourth steps for later.  But for now I will share my reason for writing and some tips.
I started my blog because I was looking for something to keep myself occupied after our wedding.  I had created a blog then so that I could keep family and friends updated on wedding stuff but once we we married I felt it wasn’t appropriate to keep using that blog (it’s still live just not updated!).  The name for my blog was originally going to be David’s Wife but that name was taken (I wanted that name since my blog would be about our newlywed life).  Our Wood Home came to be the name after I tried to come up with something catchy, but also personal.  Our house is made of wood and has a lot of wood paneling inside so the name fit.  
My tip for anyone starting a blog is to realize you may not ever be able to make a career from blogging but that is okay!  I’ve been blogging for 2 years and have yet to see a dime from my efforts.  But I’ve met some great people and my blog has allowed me to keep a journal of sorts that will be fun to look back on in 5 or 10 years.  And even if nobody wants to pay you for your blogging efforts it’s still worthwhile because something you post could have an effect on the average reader who stumbles across your blog.
Another tip for new bloggers is to write what you like and try to be original.  I get a lot of inspiration for post content online but I make it my own.  Even if I copy an idea exactly I still take my own pictures and write everything in my own words and am sure to credit the source!
Thanks again for the nom Katie:)

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