blue maxi skirt (my new fav!)

It’s the weekend!  Does anybody else include Friday as part of the weekend?  I was hoping to do some gardening again today, but even though the sun is out it is very windy!  Weeding in the wind is a nightmare, so I’m probably going to tidy up inside in preparation for BBQ with friends tomorrow.

The outfit I’m sharing is what I wore when David and I went out for an impromptu dinner last night.  The places we go to eat are fairly casual, but I still like to look nice.  The skirt I’m wearing used to be a dress, but the top was uncomfortable, so I would just roll it down a bit and wear a belt over my shirts to hide the bulge.  Then I had the brilliant idea to just cut the top of the dress of and create a waistband so it can be worn as a skirt.  I’m not confident in my sewing skills, especially since I do it all by hand, so I expected this skirt to have a crooked hem or something but it turned out okay.  David snapped these shots for me when we got home from was very windy but my hair managed to stay in place…can’t say the same for my skirt though!

IMG_2038 IMG_20422

I always feel awkward posing for photos alone, so I tend to just stick my hand on my hip and call it a day.  I’m thinking about omitting the outfit details from my fashion posts because most of what I wear is older and no longer available in stores.  How do you guys feel about that?  Would you like to see links for similar pieces available for online purchase?  I’ll include the details of this outfit anyways, just in case someone is curious.  My cardigan came from Cleo, the tee shirt and tank top underneath are possibly from American Eagle but I’m not sure since they were gifts.  The skirt is from Old Navy and my sandals are by Birkenstock.  The earrings I’m wearing are from Modcloth and can be seen in greater detail here.

I’m still loving wearing skirts and dresses!  As I type this post out I’m wearing pants because I am contemplating doing yard work after all.  I don’t want to ruin any of my nice clothes since I will be kneeling down in dirt, so jeans are my clothing of choice.  I find them very restricting and uncomfortable though!

As mentioned above, I’m thinking of eliminating outfit details from my fashion posts.  Would you guys like to see some links for similar pieces that can be bought online?

PS: I’ve been featured over at the Modest Fashion Network!  The post is below.
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2 comments on “blue maxi skirt (my new fav!)

  1. I wear a lot of clothes I’ve owned for many years as well (though I currently live out of clothes that fit in one single drawer too so I wear) so I completely understand if you don’t write where it was bought, or if you forget where it was bought! Cute outfit and yey for features!

    • YES, trying to remember where something was bought can be soooo tricky if it’s an item I’ve had for years! And hello, fellow featured blogger:)

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