book review: Between Heaven and the Real World

Disclosure: This book was provided to me at no cost in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I recently had the chance to read an advanced copy of Steven Curtis Chapman’s new book Between Heaven and the Real World. For those who didn’t know who he is, allow me to explain: Steven Curtis Chapman is a Christian recording artist who has been making music for decades. His pop/contemporary songs are widely known in the Christian music industry, and I listened to his music growing up.

This book is his story of his early life, the meeting of his wife, how he began a career in music, personal details of his less than ideal family situations, the adoption of his children, and more.  I will say that he goes into detail about the family tragedy of losing one of his young daughters, so be aware of that if you are sensitive to death.

I was really excited to get started on this book because I find biographies fascinating.  Admittedly, I knew very little about Chapman, so getting to “know” him through his story was fun.  I liked that he went into some detail about his childhood but not enough to bore the reader, and everything he wrote about was later referenced or explained in further chapters.  Chapman is brutally honest with his readers and shares personal details, but not just for the sake of oversharing; everything he wrote helps to explain his walk with God and the faith that is obvious in his life.

I got the sense that Chapman is a very humble person, and has just wanted to make music to glorify God, even from day one as a young man. While his lifestyle is not something most of us can relate to, we can empathize with his struggles as a Christian, and even a parent (if you have kids). While reading this book I felt like there was nothing being hidden from the readers, or “fluffed” up to make a good story.  It seems like what you see (uhh, read?) is what you get with Steven Curtis Chapman!

I really enjoyed hearing the story behind some of his most popular songs, and what prompted him to create them.  The chapter on Cinderella is my favourite! The song is often played at weddings for the father-daughter dance, and if you haven’t heard it, take a listen here (no…YOU’re crying!).

Overall I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to readers looking to know more about Steven Curtis Chapman, people who like biographies, and even those who have never heard of Chapman or are not Christians.  While he is a celebrity, Chapman seems very down to earth and his life is relatable.

If you’d like to order a copy for yourself, you can do so through his website or Amazon.  You can also catch up with Chapman on social media:

Twitter: @StevenCurtis
Facebook: @stevencurtischapman
Instagram: @stevencurtischapman

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