book review: Doing Busy Better

Disclosure: These books was provided to me at no cost in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Earlier this summer I had the chance to review the book Doing Busy Better by Glynnis Whitwer.  I was drawn to this book because I have felt so busy all summer long, and I know there are things in my life that suffered as a result.  My hope was that this book could help me prioritize and refocus.

Here is how this book is described on Goodreads: So many women are living overcommitted lives and buckling under the nagging guilt. When they are busy, they feel guilty for not playing with their kids or having a quiet time of prayer and Bible study. When they try to rest, they feel guilty because there’s so much left to do. It’s an endless cycle of overwork and exhaustion. Yet inside every woman’s heart is a longing for true rest. It’s there because God designed us that way–but it seems out of reach.

Enough is enough. Our lives probably aren’t going to get less busy, especially if we’re in a demanding season of life, but we can do busy better. In this burden-lifting book, Glynnis Whitwer helps women examine their hearts and their schedules in order to seek a healthy and holy balance between–and enjoyment of–both work and rest. She shows readers how to prioritize their goals and their time, how to be present in the moment as Jesus was, and how to find the freedom of true soul rest. Most importantly, she shows women that their worth is found not in their accomplishments but in the love of the One who made them for work and for rest .

My first impression after reading a bit was that this book may not be for me.  The author is someone who intentionally took on more and more work, whereas my busyness is unavoidable.  What I liked was, at the end of chapter one, she tells the reader we will be learning tips and tricks to control our busy lives, but ultimately, true rest comes from Jesus.  This is a concept some people may not have heard before, so I appreciated that she stressed that from the beginning.

One of the minor things I did not enjoy were the large print excerpts on every couple of pages.  I found them distracting.

Throughout the book the reader is encouraged to examine the cause of the busyness in their life; what drives them to overwork usually reveals something about their character or desires.  I found that helpful, and could immediately think of people I know who would benefit from that exercise.

Overall this book was not quite what I had hoped, but I did find it encouraging. This would be a great resource for a women’s group to use together, and it would make a good gift for someone who is constantly on the go.


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