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Yes, another book review!  I’ve recently been given the chance to write honest, unpaid reviews on some new Christian fiction, which I think you readers might enjoy.  If not, feel free to skip this post. BUT if you are looking for some new books to read, check out this review and my others.

no way up

Today I’m sharing my thoughts on Mary Connealy’s new release “No Way Up”.  This book is part one of the “Cimmaron Legacy” and is about a father wanting his grown kids to fall in love with the family land.  After an avalanche leaves him severely injured, father Chance Boden asks his ranch hand, Heath, to read his will to Chance’s three adult children.  Chance is transported quickly to a hospital and Heath is left wondering how the younger Bodens will react to this news.  Chance’s will states that Sadie, Justin, and Cole must all live and work on the family ranch for one year or else the deed will got to a hated relative.  Heath has a bad feeling about the avalanche accident and thinks it was intentional.  He sets out to find out who caused it and why, while simultaneously falling for Sadie. Will they discover who wanted Chance dead and why?  Will the younger Bodens all accept the terms of the will?

Admittedly, I wanted to read this one because of the pretty cover!  But also because it’s a historical, Christian fiction with some romance and a little bit of mystery throw in.  I love reading a book with all those things, so I was very excited to dive into this one.  However, I found it very hard to get involved in this plot.  It sort of just trudges along at a leisurely pace and the characters were not very gripping.  I can’t really say many things I liked about this book, which is hard to admit.  I wanted so badly to like it, but I had a hard time even picking it up to read.

Other reviews are quite positive, so I recommend checking out “No Way Up” for yourself and seeing what you think.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, too, so come back and share them with me!


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  1. Sounds like a movie I saw once. In that case, it was three daughters who must live on the ranch for a year in order to inherit it, and only one of the girls had any farm experience. The girls didn’t know each other existed before the funeral/reading of the will, and there were some personality clashes ;) and of course other problems. (Just found it again on YouTube – Montana Sky it’s called) It’s kind of an intriguing storyline to make people learn some life lessons when they wouldn’t have chosen that path for themselves. Too bad it wasn’t too thrilling in a book – maybe it would be better made into a movie?! (I don’t really read books…..)

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