book study: The Power of a Praying Wife

I am really excited to share this idea with you!  A little while ago my mom gave me some books of hers and I admit to sort of forgetting about them all until recently.  While moving all my books to another bookshelf recently, I came across one that I thought would be great to study with friends.  Of course I thought of you, my readers!

I am proposing that starting in March, we will do a guided study of the book The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie Omartian.  Weekly, there will be a post outlining my thoughts on the assigned readings, and there will be an option to participate further via an e-mail subscription.

If you subscribe, I will send you assigned readings, and some things to think about while going through each section.  The next part is up to you: we can either have a private Facebook group to further discuss our thoughts with each other, OR I can do a live Facebook video in the Our Wood Home and you can post questions or thoughts in the comment section.  I am fine with either, although I think a group might be more fun!

The goal is to start the study at the beginning of March (the sixth, to be exact), so if you would like to participate, you have plenty of time to acquire a copy of the book.  I have the dual set, the actual book and the study guide, but you can use just the book if you’d like, since i will share parts of the study guide in the weekly e-mails.

Here is the link to subscribe to the book study e-mails.  I hope you sign up:)

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