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Well, I think winter is here for good now.  It’s been snowing for the past couple days with no signs of stopping!  Generally, I despise winter.  I dislike the cold, the snow on the roads, how slowly people drive when it isn’t necessary…However, I’m okay with snow for Christmas and that’s it!!

When it snows that means I have to adjust my outfits to reflect the cold weather.  I also try to dress warmly enough with my outerwear so I could walk quite far if I had to (that happened once…my family got stuck on an icy road in the middle of nowhere and had to walk down a very steep and icy hill for a few kilometers until someone could pick us up on a less dangerous road.  We weren’t dressed for winter trekking and learned our lesson fast! Now I always bring a warm hat, scarf and mitts with me when I leave the house.  I also always wear my winter boots!).

After wearing only skirts and dresses for last month’s #NoPantsNovember Challenge I’ve come to realize how uncomfortable pants really are (besides jammie pants, of course).  I still have to wear them for work but am trying to find ways to work skirts and dresses into my winter clothing rotation.  The outfit I’m showing today is what I wore yesterday for my shift at the library.  I kept my coat closed for most of the photos because I wanted to really showcase how accessorizing a winter coat can help stretch your clothing for winter.

I like to wear a neutral coloured coat so that I can add some colour with a hat, mitts and scarf.  I take it a step further by wearing a little colourful pin on my lapel.


hat: made by my mother in law coat: old from Old Navy black sweater: ?? dress: Joe Fresh belt: H&M tights: Sport Chek boots: Sorel green scarf (in hand): local shop brooch (on coat): Micheal's craft store


hat: made by my mother in law
coat: old from Old Navy
black sweater: ??
dress: Joe Fresh
belt: H&M
tights: Sport Chek
boots: Sorel
green scarf (in hand): local shop
brooch (on coat): Micheal’s craft store

It was cold out!!!  The snow was falling and blowing, as you can see in the picture below.


David’s parents gave me this scarf for Christmas 6 years ago and I love it.  I wear it so much because the colour is just beautiful and it matches me eyes:)  Fun fact: when I first met David’s sister she thought I was wearing coloured contacts!  She is not alone though; many people have asked me that!

green scarf

No matter what coat I wear (I usually rotate between this one, a long black puffer style and a bright green coat that is shorter) I try to accessorize with my winter essentials.  We spend so much time wearing out outerwear that it is worth the effort to make it look nice.  Keep in mind that I would not wear this for an outdoor hike or anything like that, but for errands and trips, this outfit is great.

grey winter coat

I also wanted to take a moment to talk about my boots.  I bought a pair of Sorels after years of wearing seasonally inappropriate footwear.  Sorels were on my wish list for many years but their price tag was discouraging.  I bought my boots at the end of winter when they were on sale and I’m so glad I did!  However, my issue with them is that the toes are all rubber which means by feet get cold very fast in the snow.  David says I can just fluff up the liner and that should help.  But I still wanted to mention that in case any of you are considering buying a pair.  Also worth noting is that Sorel did not contact me to voice my opinions on their boots. I’m simply sharing my views in hopes of passing useful info to you guys:)


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