camera skirt

I got this skirt from David last month, after casually mentioning a while back that I’d maybe like this skirt for my birthday in September.  He surprised me with it as a “just because” gift :)  I think it’s actually my favourite piece of clothing because it’s so cute, stylish and has POCKETS.

Top: Old, unsure of brand
Belt: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Walmart
And since the skirt is camera print, I HAD to take a picture of me wearing the skirt and holding a vintage camera.  This particular camera belonged to my grandfather and is an old instant print model.  It weighs a ton but looks super neat!  I submitted a picture of my outfit to and they used it as an example photo showing how to wear the skirt.
 I know it’s small but there’s me circled in purple. I was pretty excited to see that on their site:)
David and I went to see the Lion King musical last month with his family and I wore this skirt again because I just adore it so much.

Here I wore it with a black patterned blouse and black shoes for a fancier look.  Funny story: David actually picked this top for me to wear! I had about 6 different tops laid out and I just couldn’t decide on one.  I used to ask my mom for help but since I’ve got my own house now, I usually have to make these choices alone.  David proved super helpful though!   Oh, and in case anybody is curious, David’s shirt is from Sears (I think) and the pants, belt and shoes are all from Mark’s Work Warehouse.

I like this skirt because it’s versatile; I can wear it with sandals and a tee shirt for errands or dress it up with a blouse and heels.

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