Can Pinterest really help me choose outfits?

How many of you use Pinterest?  I joined way back in 2011 when we were planning our wedding and now I primarily use it for outfit and recipe ideas (you can follow my personal account if you want).  A lot of bloggers use Pinterest to search for outfit ideas based on a particular item of clothing, which is a great idea because sometimes we just get stuck and don’t know how to wear something.

I decided to try this technique using some random items from my closet to see if it really does give a lot of results and suggestions that are viable.

Can Pinterest really help me choose outfits?

Okay, first up, striped maxi skirt.


I find maxi skirts fairly easy to wear but sometimes a patterned one throws me off a bit.  The image on the right appears a lot on Pinterest, and I own a yellow cardigan so it’s the one I used for inspiration.  I find my look a little boring, but it would be great for wearing at home.  If I was going out, I’d probably wear more jewelry and maybe a belt.  But for the sake of this experiment, this was a success!

The second outfit is based on a plaid skirt I have.  I wanted to see what options I could find with some fun accessories.  plaidmaxiskirt

I chose this inspiration photo because it is definitely my style!  While I like each element of the actual outfit on it’s own I’m not sure I like them all together.  Maybe the hat is throwing me off…I am not much of a hat person, especially since I cut my hair short (I think they make me look bald).  That being said, I do like the simplicity of the black shirt, the contrasting belt and the unexpected chunky scarf.  I would likely wear this outfit again, so I’m calling this another success!

The third item I chose to search for was my Aran sweater. My mother-in-law hand knit it for me last year and I love it!  Usually I just wear it with a maxi skirt around the house so I wanted to see if I could find fancier outfit ideas.


I reeeeally loved this inspiration photo and was so excited to try it out.  From the front, my outfit looked great!  I could really see myself wearing this out to dinner or a family function. But…the back of the sweater looked awful belted!  It got all bunchy and weird :(  The wool used is very thick so it was sort of a long shot to add a belt, but I had to try.


Lumpy sweater is not so nice!  I’m going to say this outfit was a failure, but I sort of knew it would be.  It would look really nice on someone wearing a thinner sweater.

Okay, outfit 4 is based on hot pink pants. pinkpants

I chose this image on the right because it is basic, but kicked up a little.  And once again, I have all the pieces shown.  Ideally, I’d have worn this with a short striped dress, but since I don’t have one I used a long grey shirt to cover my bum.   Normally, I don’t wear blazers but I’ve had this one for years so I decided to try it for this photo.  Overall, I like the look but I think the break up from the grey shirt is messing the outfit up.  I’m going to say this look is successful because it would be with the right top.

The final outfit is based on an orange tunic.orangetunic

The inspiration photo stood out to me because it is simple and fits in with my tastes.  I like my version, but the boots don’t look quite right.


To me, the shorter boots work a lot better!  I like how my tunic and scarf are both patterned but still compliment each other.  This outfit would be great for home, casual outings or youth group. I’m calling it a success, but with the short boots!

This experiment was really fun for me because it showed me easy ways to make an outfit a little more special.  Choosing accessories is really hard for me so it was nice finding ready made outfits online.  I highly recommend using Pinterest to create outfits and I’d love to see what you come up with!




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    • Jodie, altering it is a good idea but I’d be worried it would affect the pattern of the sweater :( I will definitely try it with a long necklace though! Thanks for the tip!!

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