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On Sunday David and I went to the big city for a Sport and Outdoors trade show with tickets he got from his sister as a birthday gift.  The largest city we frequent is still pretty small, with a population of 81,000 (according to the latest sign they have posted as you enter the city)…the city we went to on Sunday has a population of over 2 million! Yeeeeah, we were out of our element!  Instead of driving straight to the city we opted to drive to a much smaller city and then take a train which stops right at the trade show.  We must have looked so lost and confused when we got in line to order tickets, so the attendant told us exactly what we needed and when to get off.  In my defense, I used to be a city transit aficionado.  My mom took my brothers and I to the city frequently when we were younger and we could navigate through all forms of transit.  That was many years ago though, so my city knowledge has been pushed out by my fire building skills now;)

Anyways, we had a fun day at the show and saw lots of neat exhibits.  They even had a dog agility show which included a diving competition!  It was awesome!

Lately I’ve been struggling to find outfits to wear for events that are more casual.  I still dislike wearing pants and am avoiding them as much as possible, so I have been trying to see my skirts with a casual eye.  Sometimes I get so frustrated because most of my clothing is dressier (except for my 2 maxi skirts, but I wear those ALL.THE.TIME.) so I just moan and whine “I don’t know what to weaaaaaaar” until David comes in and helps me decide.  On this particular day I just told him to pick something out for me, so he pulled my camera skirt and a cardigan while I chose the grey shirt. I know, real helpful of me.


hat: Walmart
scarf: self made
coat: Old Navy
grey top: ??
yellow cardigan: Cleo
tights: Chinese Laundry
boots: Blundstone

David took this picture on my Blackberry while we were waiting outside for the train to take us home.  I didn’t bother taking my coat off because it was freezing cold out, plus you can still see my outfit with it on.  And I didn’t have David take more pictures because there was a guy on the next platform who could see us and I didn’t want him thinking I was a weirdo.

Usually I wear this skirt with a nicer top and shoes, but I think it works well as a casual piece too.



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  1. Ok so I’m not one to comment often, but first that skirt is so fun!! Second I just wanted to let you know that you’re one of my favorite blogs and I added you to my faves list on my own site :) Keep up the good work, I love your posts.

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