Christmas house tour 2017

Christmas house tour 2017

Welcome to Christmas at Our Wood Home!  Today I’m sharing some photos of my Christmas decor, which is, as usual, not very much! I tend to stick with just the living areas and avoid decor in the bedrooms or basement. Let’s start with the outside of the house. Instead of hanging up all the lights, […]

our annual fall to-do list

I know I’m a little late posting this, since we are at the end of October, but we have just recently been connected back up to reliable internet service at home, so now I can finally get my posts out there! Here in Canada we are fortunate enough to have four distinct seasons (fall being […]

what is simple living?

Minimalism, simple living, modest lifestyle…they are all terms that have been floating around lately.  These are not new concepts but it seems like the blogging and social media world has become increasingly obsessed with this way of life. Whatever word you use, I’m sure it is a concept you have toyed with before.  The idea […]

balancing homemaking and hobbies

Today I want to share a quick post about finding a balance between homemaking and still having time for hobbies.  Personally, I could spend all day either sewing, knitting, or reading!  In fact, I have done that on more than one occasion…Even blogging is a hobby of mine that I could spend way too much […]