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Last week the weather changed from really to cold to sort of mild and overcast.  That caused a major migraine for me that lasted 2 days.  When I get migraines (sometimes from barometric pressure changes and sometimes for no explained reason) I’m bedridden until they go away a few days later.  It’s terrible really.

But I’m feeling much better after a relaxing weekend!  I’m actually really motivated to do things around the house, such as  washing the floors, reorganizing some rooms, finally unpacking boxes that have been sitting in my closet since August…and every room I go into taunts me with boring or ugly wall colours!  I’ve been searching for paint colours since we moved in a little over 1 year ago and have made some progress.  The dining room got a dramatic paint job, the main bathroom was brightened with a nice white and our bedroom was painted another shade of white.  The painting I’ve done so far is a much needed improvement, as you can see from the before and after pictures in the linked posts.  But as I’m typing this in my living room
I’m facing a boring beige wall that I’ve been dying to paint!

what I’m looking at right now: boring beige walls.  the colour in person has more of a yellow undertone.

 The problem is find the perfect shade of beige (I know beige isn’t very exciting but it’s a nice colour to live with and works as an awesome neutral.  I actually prefer grey as a neutral but we have a lot of warm woods in our living room that would not work well with grey!) that doesn’t clash with all the wood but is still nice to look at.  I think I’ve finally found something close to what I want, so my next step is finding time/hiring someone to paint.  The process of finding a paint colour is a long one (for me, it is!).  Every time we went to Home Depot I walked through the paint aisle to see if something caught my eye.  I saved dozens of paint chips and tacked them on the walls to see how that colour would look in different lights.

My favourite brand of paint is Behr because they have a line that has the lowest amounts of VOCs in paint. You can paint the with windows closed without feeling dizzy and the walls are dry in a few hours.  My only problem with that paint is you can’t wash the walls without the paint coming off.  That might just be an issue on my part, not with Behr. But either way, it’s a great paint.  It’s actually the only paint I use now!

I tend to stick with beiges and whites for the living areas because they’re so versatile.  Plus, as soon as you walk in our front door you see the living room, kitchen and dining room and it’s only separated by a wooden railing and some stairs.  BUT I love saturated colours too!  Deep purple, girly pink, cheery red…love them all.  So I use those colours as accents in rooms with neutral walls.  The only room I’ve done a saturated colour is our dining room.  I absolutely love it and I was surprised that my husband agreed to it!  I had wanted a brown dining room with a mustard yellow ceiling for years and vowed to do that in my house one day.  Since our main floor is open concept a yellow ceiling was out of the question, but brown walls were a go!

Choosing a paint colour is a tough choice, I know that first hand.  I’ve made a short list of tips to help you in your decision:
  1. Determine what colours you like in general.
  2. Ask yourself if any of them are practical for the room you want to paint. I love dark purple but painting a whole living room would look a little weird in our house.
  3. Buy sample size cans of paint to test how the colours will look on the wall.  I suggest painting patches about 1 foot by 1 foot of each colour and make sure they are all close together so you can compare.
  4. Paint!  If the colour you chose ends up looking bad, it’s only paint and can be redone.  
Do you have a favourite paint colour?  Let me know  by commenting below, sending an email ( or by tweeting me @OurWoodHomeblog!

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