Christmas 2015 in Our Wood Home

What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t offer you a peek in our home for Christmas?  I do not go all out for decorating like some people do, simply because I do not have the time.  And because nobody else would see it!

But I do enjoy adding a bit of holiday flair to the living room, so please enjoy this virtual tour!

christmas tour

Let’s start outside, shall we?  There’s nothing fancy, just a wreath made from Christmas ornaments and a wire coat hanger.  I also added swags of fresh cut greenery to the light fixtures.

christmas tour (23) christmas tour (22)

Moving inside into the living room! Hanging on the back of the door is this cute paper garland I made with kids at the library (where I worked) last year.

christmas tour (8) christmas tour (5) christmas tour (9) christmas tour (6) christmas tour (7)

The whole room feels “Christmas-y” without being cheesy.  Our new wood stove makes the house feel more like a cabin than before, which we love.

christmas tour (1)

My beloved red dresser has now been moved across the room to right by the door.  It’s colour makes it instantly festive, while some small touches add visual tour (19) christmas tour (20) christmas tour (21)

David doesn’t like bells on the door, so I hang them on the railing.

christmas tour (18)

Here’s our tree lit up at night.  I used white lights instead of our usual rainbow.

christmas tour (3)

And this year I stuck with a colour theme of red and gold.  I still hung our keepsake ornaments we bought our honeymoon on the tree, even though they are not red or gold.

christmas tour (2)

christmas tour (15)

The blanket chest gets a simple pillow added, and the wing chair has a red and green afghan draped across the back.

christmas tour (11)

Orphan socks become a fun stocking garland, while Christmas cards are hung next to it to create a fun display.

christmas tour (12) christmas tour (13)

Holiday coasters from Walmart are a cheap and easy way to add festive flair.

christmas tour (14)

We had previously taken apart our couch but since we are hosting Christmas dinner this year we need the extra seating!

christmas tour (16) christmas tour (17)

I do not usually decorate the other rooms of the house but I did add a few items to the bathroom.  A scrap of wrapping paper in a frame sits on the shelf, and a white ceramic vase holds faux poinsettias on the counter.  christmas tour (25) christmas tour (24)

I hope you enjoyed peeking into my home this holiday season!


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  1. thank you for sharing these lovely photos. Your house looks so nice. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and anew year filled with blessings.

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