Christmas at Our Wood Home

Even though I am on a temporary hiatus from blogging I wanted to quickly share some photos of our house decorated for the holidays.  I enjoy the Christmas season very much, so decorating the house is really fun for me.  David, not so much.  While he likes the way everything looks after he isn’t interested in spending hours setting it all up.  Which is fine by me, because I sometimes have control issues and am a perfectionist!

Some bloggers go all out for the holidays and decorate literally every inch of their home, which is great but not practical for us.  It’s also not worth the effort since people are likely not going to see it, unless I post pictures on my blog.  But honestly, that is more work than I have time for at this point!

But anyways, I did do some decorating in the living room so please enjoy our understated but still festive Christmas home!

My dad came over to help me with the lights and I think we did a great job!


IMG_4975 IMG_4969

IMG_5082 IMG_4964 IMG_5083IMG_5084IMG_5086IMG_5085christmas12IMG_5080 IMG_5078 christmas13 christmas14 christmas15 christmas16 christmas17 christmas18 christmas19 christmas20 christmas21 christmas22 christmas23Merry Christmas friends!  If you have not already liked the blog Facebook page please do so to stay in touch with me.  You can click here to be redirected :)

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