Christmas house tour 2017

Welcome to Christmas at Our Wood Home!  Today I’m sharing some photos of my Christmas decor, which is, as usual, not very much! I tend to stick with just the living areas and avoid decor in the bedrooms or basement.

Let’s start with the outside of the house. Instead of hanging up all the lights, we decided to go for something different.  My dad made this 8 foot tall Grinch cut out for us!

Every year I do a homemade wreath of some sort, and this time around I used my homemade grapevine wreath (made in the fall) and stuck in faux poinsettias. I added a bit of buffalo check ribbon and called it a day. The snowshoes on the wall off to the right are a vintage pair a friend gave me.  I LOVE them!  David and I really enjoy snowshoeing so having these in our display is a nice personal touch.  

I sometimes do a Christmas planter, and this is what I came up with this year.  I used the top piece of a garden spinner we bought this summer (the truck) and stuck it into foam blocks inside a faux wooden barrel planter.  Then to disguise the foam and fill in the spaces, I stuffed white fabric around it all in hopes of making it look like snow.  To complete the look I added fresh cut cedar greenery.

Moving indoors, this is what you see as soon as you enter our home.  Last week I talked about our uncommon Christmas tree, and as you can see, it fits rather well in our home!  This tree is about 10 feet tall and trimmed ever so slightly to be about four feet wide. We used to place the tree in front of the living room window, as most people do, but having it here means we can get a bigger tree since our ceiling slopes up away from the windows.

On the left side of our living room is a red dresser with a large mirror above it.  We use the dresser for stationary supplies and some miscellaneous kitchen things.  On top of it we display some wedding photos and other trinkets.  Newly added is my knit nativity set.  I finished it last week and am quite pleased with it.

Going up the stairs to the rest of the house, we have a half wall towards the hallway.  Normally I display a lot of things there but it is a pain to dust, so I keep it clear now.  I made an exception for Christmas, and put my light up snow globe . The globe is really special to me because my mom gave it to use for our first Christmas as a married couple.

Newly added to our Christmas decor are these little Nutcrackers my husband made! He recycled some empty shotgun shells and painted them.  

Going down towards the basement there is a door out into the backyard, and a long window.  I don’t normally do a wreath there since I only have one wreath hanger, but I reeeeeally liked my ornament wreath from a few years ago, so I stuck it over the curtain rod!

Last Christmas my dad made these free standing wooden ornaments for me.  The other side is pained to be a pumpkin, so I can use them for two seasons!  I placed them up on the plate rail in our kitchen.

Speaking of kitchen, here is a small detail that I like.  We have a long wooden bench under the overhanging part of our counter, which I use for storing cookbooks.  I saved this adorable Christmas card rom a friend several years ago, and put it in a vintage frame to display.

I don’t like clutter on the kitchen counters, but this small vignette works for me.  When we moved here, there was already a nail by the stove, and normally my nutmeg grater hangs there. But the festive pot holders fit there just as well!  The little gold frame holds a scrap of wrapping paper from our first Christmas.

A few years ago my dad was given a huge box of Christmas decor that he wasn’t going to use, so he passed it on to us.  From that box I salvaged some nice silver snowflakes that I hang around the house.

Last winter my in-laws redid their living room and we were able to take their old book case, which we use as a china hutch. Everything in their has no other home, so it needs to stay on those shelves year round.  However, I was able to make a bit of room for some special Christmas items!

A kitty-cat Christmas plate from my mom…because, why not?!

This snowman cookie jar was a gift I picked out for myself last year, but my mom bought it for me.  I chose a design that can be displayed all winter without looking like leftover Christmas decor.  Next to it is one of my poinsettia bowls that my mom got me last year.  When I was a kid she had this gorgeous set of poinsettia dishes.  There set served four, and contained large plates, dessert plates, and cups and saucers, but no bowls.  I was so excited when she gave me the set, but I wished it had bowls that matched.  This new set isn’t a perfect match, but I love them anyways.

We have been keeping this rosemary plant alive for about four years, and David decided it deserved to be decorated.

On the side of our china hutch I hung a little tea towel I painted.  Can you tell we like red trucks?!

To make room for our Christmas tree I had to move this table to the dining room.  I added a festive flair with a vintage poinsettia placemat from my late grandmother.

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12 comments on “Christmas house tour 2017

  1. Your house is so beautiful, Christina. I love your decorations, especially that littl snow globe. And I love how you did the Christmas planter outside. It looks pretty.

    Have a merry Christmas!

  2. Decorating our homes is such a joy, thank you for reminding me to hurry up and get ours done :) You did a beautiful job on yours. Blessings to you ~ Linda

  3. Lovely! I love how your home decor matches the personality you present online, and I love how well it matches your home! Thank you for sharing! I might have to blog mine, although I told my husband that I think as we’re taking the decorations down, I might thin it out a bit.

    • thanks, Amber!I would love to see your decor if you blog it. A couple years ago we (meaning me!) went through all our Christmas stuff and got rid of more than half. It was all stuff we weren’t attached to or had no space for.

  4. Hi there, Christina. :) This is a lovely post. Your planter does appear to have a coating of snow by your skilful placement of nice white fabric, no worries. :) As well, we love your sweet, little decoration of your husband and your wrapping paper from your first Christmas.

    Your poinsettia dish set from your your mother is very nice; however, we understand one would want the identical bowls that attend with the set. In all courteousness, have you phoned the manufacturer for them? The name may be on the bottom of one of the plates. If they are handcrafted, the name of the artisan(s) may be on the bottom of one of the plates. :)

    It is so nice of you to share a tour of your sweet home and your excellently ingenious, yet warm, decor. Thx! :D

    • You are so clever! I did an internet search of the manufacturer and pattern of the poinsettia dishes, and found out that there were a plethora of other dishes! Among them were bowls, serving platters, and even a cake knife! I am delighted to know that it is possible to complete my set.
      Thanks for the suggestion!

      • Hi there, Christina. :) In all courteousness, that is very nice of you to say about us: we appreciate it. :) We are happy to hear you found the bowls to complete your set as well as additional nifty pieces you can add from the set. Excellent! :) In all courteousness, you are welcome. May the lightness follow you! Thx! :D

  5. Hi there. :) Oops! We just realised we made a typographical error in our last comment. It should read: ‘from your mother’, not ‘from your your mother’. We apologise. Thx. :)

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