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This summer I’ve decided to take a serious look at the cleaning products I use in our house.  This will include laundry soap, dish detergent and hand soap. 
I’ve always been interested in cleaner living but never really committed to it 100%.  But now is the time to start really living, and cleaning, the way I want!  And since I’ve posted this online I’m forced to be held a bit more accountable. 

For as long as I can remember I’ve had sinus problems.  They always feel stuffy like I have a cold.  When I try to blow my nose, nothing comes out.  I can’t really do anything about this medically speaking.  But then I got thinking maybe the products I encounter everyday are partly responsible.
“Products” being soaps and cleaners.  I mean, they are jam packed with chemicals we all know are bad.  And the artificial fragrance they contain almost always gives me a headache!  So the other day I checked out some books on environmentally friendly cleaning methods from my local library. 
I picked through them today and tried a couple methods out on my home.  I was pleased with their alterative to glass cleaner (club soda!) but sprinkling my counters with a baking soda paste only made them feel dirtier…but there are so many more options for me to try!

I’ll be posting a fair bit on these new-to-me methods of cleaning because I want other people try to it out too. 

For now I’ll mainly be using 3 books as a guide but I’m also planning to utilize the internet.

Do you have any really good, eco friendly cleaning tips?  I’d love to hear them!

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