Date Night Activity Jar

Before David and I were married we went on dates quite frequently (since we were, you know…DATING). Usually we’d go see a movie, take a hike, walk his dogs, etc. But we were never at a loss for what to do. Even though we saw each other 5 days a week in college, we still wanted to spend time together doing something.

Now that we are married, there seems to be less time for going out and having fun. Dating each other has sort of fallen by the wayside, and when we do find time to go out it seems like we always go for dinner at the same place and then go see a movie (funny story: a little while ago we went on a double date with some friends to our ‘usual’ restaurant. One of our friends knew exactly what we would both order, and that I would get my sandwich without cheese or crispy onions…jeepers, are we predictable or what!?).

How often have you and your husband (or boyfriend) wondered what to do or where to go if and when you go on a date? I like going to see a movie, but sometimes change is nice. David saw this great idea on Facebook for a date night activity jar, and he suggested we make it. It was super simple, and the idea has been floating around the internet for a while, so I’m certainly not taking credit for creating this concept. But it is still worth blogging about in case some of you have not heard of it.

wondering what to do for your next date?

  • glass jar with a lid
  • wooden sticks (coloured is best)
  • marker or pen


Decide on what sort of activities you want to write. We chose to write down restaurants, outdoor activities, genres of movies, etc.

If you are using coloured sticks assign each type of date to a colour. Write down one date on each stick.

If desired, write a small legend on a piece of paper and stick it to the bottom of the jar.

Place the lid on the jar and store somewhere easily accessible.

date night activity jar 2

As you can see, we included activities/ideas such as what snack to eat, what to watch on Netflix, what area of the city we would eat in, who gets to choose the movie at the theater, the name of the restaurant we will eat at, and what activity we will do.  You certainly don’t need to include all these categories in your jar!

This project took us a total of 10 minutes to make and has been used several times already. Making the jar itself is a fun little “mini date”, too! But it would also be a nice gift for your significant other or even to another couple you know. Just be sure to write down dates/activitites you know the recipient(s) will enjoy!


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